Book Review: Cancer Is My Teacher by Lucy O'Donnell

Cancer Is My Teacher is a wonderful book focusing on Lucy's own experiences through cancer. It is a very honest account which covers all aspects of her courageous journey from diagnosis, through to all the treatments she endured and recovery. She includes all the emotional, physical and psychological sides to her experience, making a truly well rounded book. A both practical and friendly book which helps to remind us that despite our materialistic world some of the most important things in life are love and good health.

The book is broken down into short chapters which makes it easy reading for any one currently suffering from “chemo brain.” It has a large typeface and manageable chapters allowing for reading without putting a strain on the reader. The chapters cover a great deal including coping and how to tell people, treatment, alternative therapies, nutrition and exercise. Cancer Is My Teacher is jam-packed with advice and information which she gained first-hand.

This book is fantastic not only for people living with cancer but also those with friends and family who have been affected. For people living with cancer it is a brilliant account which not only inspires hope but helps with the little things like bringing socks to chemo in case you get cold. For friends, family and carers, it helps us to approach a subject which can be very daunting and how we can be as supportive as possible.

A must read for all, Lucy is an inspiration in what can be a scary world. Her personality shines throughout in an incredibly uplifting book.   

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