Sophie Martin from her blog:
Sophie Martin from her blog:

As featured on ITV this morning, Sophie Martin is a primary school teacher from Devon, who was diagnosed at the end of January with a rare type of tumour in her ovary. Her tumour was the size of a melon when it was removed. The type of cancer she has affects only 60 women in the UK. In order to increase awareness for this rare form cancer, Sophie has set up a blog to document her experience living with cancer.

"I wanted other people to know the symptoms because I had no clue and didn't put them together to know it could have been that I want to raise awareness - and also share what happens when you have cancer. 

It can be positive and it's not always terminal. People often don't talk about chemotherapy and how it makes you feel." - Sophie Martin

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  1. Michelle Burnley on

    Hi, I hope you are feeling ok? I also have been diagnosed with a rare cancer, I have milignant melanoma of the womb! The tumour is about 5cm. There is only 60 people recorded in the world to have this type of cancer. Doctors seem baffled by it. How are you feeling now?
    Michelle xx

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