Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - 13th April

Hi everyone,
As we are now officially heading out of winter, into Spring, there is at least the improving weather and lengthening days to be optimistic about.

Fresh air and exercise can't be beaten. So whatever stage you are at with either your treatment or your recovery make a plan to get outside. Maybe someone could give you a lift to a park? Maybe you could walk to the nearest allotment, community centre or cafe? 
It's a good idea to aim for a place where you can sit .. we all know some days take more out of us than others.
I had a nine year old when I was having my treatment, so I walked to the school gates every day. It was quite a walk, but it felt good to be doing it. Some days I would accept the offer of a lift home, but mostly I wandered back home with my daughter. 
Walking is free. The exercise is essential for mobility, muscle strength and all those bodily functions that get so sluggish during our treatment. But more than this, the mental health benefits of getting out there are priceless.

Spring is also a fab time to start thinking about seasonal produce. Eat as much dark green leafy vegetables as you can. You can eat them raw for lunch in a salad, you can juice them in a smoothie for breakfast or stick them in a soup for supper. As well as providing you with essential iron (and the vitamin C to absorb the iron), leafy greens are steeped in calcium too. Forget dairy products for your calcium veg is what we need!

Any other fitness or nutrition questions...just ask!

Have a good week!

Nic x


  1. Maria on

    "I don't like vegetables "I would Appreciate some hinds on how to spice vegetables in a way that I would be able to like them.

  2. Kat on

    Too true! After a loooong hard day at work this week I came home, swapped my shoes for trainers, crabbed my camera and headed straight back out. I was rewarded with a sunny, fresh evening, a beautiful sunset and felt amazing when I got back!

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