Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - 20th April

When you simply want the chemotherapy stage to be over and done with, it's hugely disappointing to have a delay in treatment due to poor health. I was very fortunate during my cancer treatment and was able to have all my ops, chemo appointments and radiotherapy on the scheduled days.

But was it all luck?

I believe I had a hand in that luck. 
Staying one step ahead of the game became my little project. You see I am a 'do-er'. Actually, I'm a bit of a control freak. (I don't need to control others, but I do like to be in control of myself.) For me that was one of the hardest factors regarding the cancer - the lack of control!

So I took control of my diet. A friend gave me a book on juicing. I couldn't afford a shiny new juicer but picked one up at a charity shop. 

Then the research started: working out what symptoms I was likely to expect, what minerals would be depleted, I was able to put together juices to combat the symptoms.

Keeping a record allowed me to see a pattern and work out when my immune system would take a beating, or what day my 'chemo fog' would descend! Then I could nourish my body, via easy to absorb juices with the minerals and vitamins that I needed. I didn't touch the drugs and topical creams and ointments the hospital had provided me to cope with the symptoms as I simply didn't get the symptoms.

Maybe there was an element of a placebo effect. I had faith in what I was doing and faith in anything gives one a boost. I had become pro-active; not passively waiting and wondering how the treatment would affect me, and this fact alone gave me strength. At the College of Naturopathic Medicine we learn to treat the cause; to balance the body rather than simply treating the symptom.

I still 'eat clean' and choose food that works to keep an equilibrium on all levels. 
I eat seasonal food that keeps my immune system boosted....

I have more energy than ever before and very rarely am unwell.
And now my whole family eats this way!

Here are a couple of juices that may just be the tonic you need.

The Blood Purifier   

4 apples - unpeeled and un-cored and quartered

2 sticks of celery, with leaves

2 cloves garlic, peeled


Protect and Boost
3 carrots unpeeled

2 Jerusalem artichokes, unpeeled, well scrubbed

1 clove garlic, peeled

1 chicory - small head

1/2 small melon - de-seeded, sliced, with skin

15g ginger - fresh root

Nic x

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