Pfizer to trial triple-combination cancer treatment - Financial Times


Pfizer is set to begin a new trial in humans next year which use a combination of three novel cancer drugs. The trial will be the first of its kind to test three immunotherapies together, with the hopes the trial will show the combination is able to shrink solid tumours.

Pharma companies, Bristol-Myers Squibb and US Merck have already launched their first immunotherapy drugs, known as checkpoint inhibitors. Checkpoint inhibitors remove the body's brakes which prevent the immune system from attacking tumours and can help increase the life expectancy of those with poor prognoses. These drugs however are only effective in a third of patients.

The combination of drugs Pfizer proposes to use includes a checkpoint inhibitor, and two other drugs which it is hoped will speed up the body's response. Mikeal Dolsten, Pfizer's research and development chief has said that the combination of drugs in a treatment plan could extend the benefits of existing immunotherapies.


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