Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - 8th June

Hello everyone,

When I write these blogs I try to remember how I felt on a day to day basis in 2010 when I was having my full on year of cancer treatment.

So much has happened since then; my life, routine, knowledge has all moved on hugely since that year. I want to pass on to you the scientific and medical understanding I have on the subject of cancer and all it throws at us.... but something weird has happened.

The more I research - the more questions I have.

The more I learn - the more I realize that I don't know.  

This is quite a common feeling to have when you are actively learning, but what interests me most are the real life success stories I hear daily from cancer survivors.

There are people like me that have juiced their way through chemo or had a mantra that every day they would go outside and walk, however far. There are those that have found becoming vegan has sent them into remission and others that have sought the advice of herbalists with amazing success.

I had a wonderful oncologist who listened to me, treated me as an individual, encouraged my belief in exercise and clean food and earned my total faith.

...and that's a nutshell!

Whatever sound strategy makes sense as being helpful to you personally...embrace it! It doesn't matter if your faith is in a religious figure or a Macmillan nurse.

Whether half an hour a day is spent meditating, being 'mindful', practicing yoga or painting. If being wig-less with your support group buddies or donning a wig to go out "out" with mates is the highlight of your week, then it's priceless.

Basically - if it gives you pleasure and hope - then you will have more energy to fight.

The human spirit is remarkable and boundless. So whatever path you choose to aid your recovery, live it and have faith in it; stick to it with the positive determination that it's healing you.

Sending you positive thoughts!

Nic x


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