When you’re having treatment for cancer you might suffer from hot flushes and increased sweating. So when the sun is shining and the weather heats up it can become even trickier to stay cool and comfortable. That’s why we’ve asked our community to share their tips and ideas on what’s helped them beat the heat and stay comfortable during the hotter months.

Top tips for coping in the heat

  • When the weather is hotter your body will respond by sweating more to help cool you down. If you’re sweating profusely it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing so try wearing lightweight clothes which absorb moisture such as cotton or bamboo, lighter colours are better as they don’t show up sweat patches as easily

  • The same goes for your bedlinen too, natural lightweight fibres will help absorb moisture better than man-made materials and don’t make you feel cold when they get wet

  • If you’re struggling to sleep because you’re too hot at night try using a cooling pillow to help get you cool and comfortable for a good night’s sleep

  • If you’ve lost your hair and normally wear a wig try taking breaks and use a cotton hat instead. Natural wigs trap a lot of heat and don’t allow your scalp to breath which is really important when the weather is hot. If you don’t want to go wig-free then you can wear a synthetic wig instead as their mesh construction allows your scalp to breath more than natural wigs

  • If you’ve had radiotherapy you’re skin might find it particularly difficult to cope with the heat, a cooling pad can help soothe affected areas and cool down your skin

  • Drink plenty of fluids, aim for at least 3L a day. Ideally these shouldn’t be caffeinated or alcoholic drinks as these dilate blood vessels in the skin and makes you sweat more

  • Cool down and feel refreshed with a face and body spritzer, you can pop one in your handbag and take it with you for a quick cool down when you’re out and about too.

  • Avoid eating spicy foods or heavy meals late at night as these will make you sweat more.

  • If you’re sweating a lot at night try sleeping with the windows open or using a free-standing fan to keep your room cool.

  • Try making homemade ice-lollies. Use a blender to whizz up fruits and pop it in the freezer for delicious, healthy & cooling lollies. You can even add milk and yoghurt for a more creamy treat.    

  • Stay safe in the sun by using plenty of sunscreen! Use a minimum of SPF 30 and look for natural or organic sunscreens that will be kinder if your skin is sensitive from chemo and radiotherapy

  • Have a cold shower before you go to bed to help cool you down and get to sleep without feeling hot and sticky!

The Live Better With community recommends:

⧫  Gel'O Cool Pillow Mat:  this mat can be refrigerated and placed under your pillow case to keep you cool throughout the night. Find here ->

  Bamboo Bedding:  bamboo is a natural fibre that is highly absorbant and moisture-wicking, perfect if you are suffering from night sweats. Find here ->

⧫  Free Standing Fan:  use this portable fan to keep your room cool & air circulating through the day and night. Find here ->

⧫  Indoor cotton hat:  a stylish, comfortable & cooling alternative to wearing a wig. Find here ->

⧫  Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh spritz for face and body:  100% organic & natural this cooling facial spritz is scented with orange blossom and will keep you refreshed through the day. Find here ->

⧫  Badger Organic Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30:  this 100% natural & 94% organic sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin and uses zinc oxide as the active ingredient to protect against UV rays. Find here ->

⧫  Lindi Skin Cooler Pad:  made with water and aloe vera, this reusable pad provides instant cooling and hydration for sun burnt skin. Find here ->


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