Pomegranates - a cancer fighting food

New research has identified the exact compound responsible for the anti-aging and cancer fighting properties of pomegranates. The magic ingredient is a compound called Ellagitannins. These are found in high concentrations in pomegranates and are broken down by bacteria in our gut into another compound called urolithin A. It is this chemical which is crucial for the health benefits associated with eating pomegranates.

Urolithin A helps keep our mitochondria powered-up, providing our cells with energy and nutrients needed for them to function properly. When this compound had been given to mice scientists have found that they live longer and run faster.

It is thought that urolithin also helps block cancer cell growth which explains the cancer fighting properties previously identified in a trial by University of California. They found that drinking a daily 227ml glass of pomegranate juice significantly slowed the progress of prostate cancer. In fact, a new trial is being planned to see whether Urolithin supplements can have similar effects on preventing the spread of prostate cancer.   

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Photo credit: katerha via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

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