Terminally ill Dr Kate Granger succeeds in raising £250K for cancer centre

Dr Kate Granger has been living with advanced cancer for 5 years but sadly her illness has recently deteriorated and she has now been admitted to St. Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds. Throughout her illness Kate has been actively campaigning to raise awareness amongst medical staff of the impact they have on the lives of people affected by cancer.

She is responsible for the nationwide ‘Hello my name is’ campaign which went on to win the backing of more than 400,000 doctors, nurses, therapists and porters across 90 NHS organisations. She started the campaign to improve communication between doctors and patients after her the doctor who informed her that her cancer had spread did not introduce himself to her, and did not look her in the eye.       

Kate had also set herself the target of raising £250,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre and after an emotional plea from her Husband Chris Pointon on social media that impressive target was reached.  The Yorkshire Cancer Centre tweeted: "Today the incredible, inspirational @GrangerKate reached her fundraising goal of £250,000."

Speaking about her achievements, he said he was the "proudest man alive" and described her as "a one in a billion person".

"Yes being taken away from the world at 34 is cruel but in those 34 years she has made a huge difference."

He added: "She doesn't always think she's achieved a lot in her life but her legacy will remain for many, many, many years to come and we have many ambassadors across the globe that will make sure the names Kate Granger and 'Hello my name is' will always be remembered."

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  1. ann keenan on

    What a wonderful thing I have been treated well ,but I know some people who have been examined by doctors and students who arrive at bedside talk about them and there diagnosis without introducing themselves.

  2. Jane beech on

    Such an amazing lady Kate, I am recovering from breast cancer, it is such a terrible disease, sending you all my love and hugs Jane xxx

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