Krtin Nithiyanandam, a 16 year old from Epsom, Surrey, believes he has identified a new treatment option for triple negative breast cancer and calls on the scientific community to help him develop the treatment further.

Krtin previously won the Google Science Fair in 2015 for creating an Alzheimer’s test which can spot early signs of the disease and now he claims to have found a way to treat triple negative breast cancer, a type of breast cancer which is currently extremely difficult to treat.

Krtin has been working on this new therapy in his school lab and explained that the current difficulties in treating triple negative breast cancer are due to the cancer cell’s lack of binding sites for drugs “Most cancers have receptors on their surface which bind to [treatment] drugs like Tamoxifen but triple negative cancers don't have receptors so the drugs don't work,"

He believes inhibiting a certain protein, called ID4 — responsible for stopping stem cells from turning into a more dangerous form, or "differentiating" into potential cancer cells, in combination with increasing the body’s natural tumour suppressor function through a compound called PTEN, will allow chemotherapy to work more effectively.

"I have found a way to silence the genes that produce ID4 which turns cancer back into a less dangerous state," Krtin added.

Krtin believes this dual therapy of switching off cancer cells as well as increasing the body’s natural tumour suppression ability will prove to be a far more effective treatment for triple negative cancer cells than existing treatment options.

He is calling on the scientific community to help him develop his work further, taking it beyond the school lab, to provide further insight into triple negative breast cancer and it’s treatment.

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  1. Clare woodman on

    Well done. We need intelligent young men like this. Please support his work.

    I am 39 and have triple negative breast cancer. I have 3 different types of chemo drugs as they don't know which one will work best, if at all ! And the fear of not being able to take any tablets or tamoxifen is scary !

  2. M VAsconcellos on

    By all means these kids are now coming out with results and they need the help it's not that they don't know how it's just that they don't have themoney or the proper equipment so help these kids too many people are suffering with these illness M VAsconcellos

  3. Ann Smith on

    My daughter was triple negative and tested positive for Braca 1 gene. She found this out AFTER her lumpectomy, chemo, and radiotherapy. Since then preventative surgery ( ovaries and double massectomy).

    This you have discovered would - I'm sure would have made a massive difference.

    Come on scientists out there this genius needs your help and input.

    Well done and keep on keeping on Krtin. 👏👏👏

  4. Amber Black on

    Truly amazing! Those of us that have been faced with a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis (with residual cancer left after chemo) are happy to hear that there is being headway made to this aggressive type of cancer! Thank you to the many students and medical professionals for continuing to study alternative treatments for TNBC.

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