I can remember when I was first diagnosed that everyone you speak to thereafter had a 'helpful' anecdote. The problem is that just as we are all different in health, we are also during our cancer and it's treatment. We need to embrace this and believe that the health professionals helping us on this journey are treating us as individuals.

My experience in this respect was fantastic...from the first GP appointment, through detection, the consultants, the surgeons, the nurses, the Macmillan staff, the chemo nurses and especially for me, my oncologist. All allowed me to be me. I never once felt like a number or a statistic. I know this isn't everyone's experience but we are very lucky to have amazing cancer teams in the UK, we maybe need to know that we have choices too.

I have written about this often, (see last week's blog) but alongside my chemotherapy treatment I included nutrition and exercise as part of my treatment. The evidence is coming through slowly that they are integral parts of survival and rehabilitation but as with anything clinical and medical, research and evidence takes time to gather, to be approved and then to be implemented.

Following on from last week's blog, if you too believe that an holistic approach including nutrition, exercise and mindset is the way forward for you to complement I have a few tips.

It's important to recognise that if any of these three are to be a part of treatment then they too should be overseen by a professional. If exercise is medicine then the correct prescribed dosage is important. A fitness instructor trained in cancer rehabilitation will understand the specific requirements following your individual treatments. Likewise with nutrition. Cutting out food groups could cause more problems than it solves!
I will include some useful contact details if you wish to seek the advice of professionals at the end.
If however you want to get started then you can do no harm by eating clean and moving more!

Enjoy taking control,

Nic x


For qualified nutritional advice:
BANT British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy  

For Advice on exercising:
Macmillan "Move More"

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