Staying Warm and Well over Winter

When you’re having treatment for cancer, you may find yourself more sensitive to changes in the weather. With winter settling in for the next few months, it may be noticeable trickier to stay warm and comfortable. Live Better With has curated the following tips based on our community to help you stay warm and well during these colder months.

Cover up

We use to believe that the majority of heat was lost through our heads, up to 40-45%. These statistics were found to be the result of a study conducted by the U.S Army (from the 1950s!) in which they covered soldiers from their neck down and then tested where they were losing their heat.

When revisited, scientists found that heat is lost from whatever body part is most exposed to the cold. So if you go out and your head is exposed- you will lose heat from your head, equally, if your fingers aren’t covered, heat will be lost through your fingers. Wearing a hat or scarf will keep your head warm and reduce heat escaping and make you cold. Make sure you keep your hands and feet warm by covering up in socks and gloves.

Drink warm drinks and make delicious soups

One of the best things about winter is eating warm, delicious soups and drinking big cups of hot chocolate. Soups and hot beverages are an excellent way to get extra nutritional needs that doesn't require much effort with the added benefit of warming you up from the inside out.

Keep your fluids up and moisturise

Cancer treatments can cause your skin to become dry and irritated. Heating systems, which are usually on full blast during winter, can further dehydrate your skin. Ensuring you drink plenty of fluids, such as soups, water, smoothies, will keep you hydrated from the inside. Regularly moisturising your body will relieve the feeling of dry, itchy skin and reduce water being lost throughout the skin.

Stay indoors

The easiest way to stay warm during the winter months is staying indoors. Extended period inside, though, can be quite annoying if there is not much to entertain you. Puzzles and adult colouring-in books are ideal for those who wish to pass the time and keep their mind engaged.

Stay dry

Hormones, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, can cause patients to have hot flushes and sweats. If experiencing these in the winter months, you increase your chances of becoming unwell, as bugs prefer warm moist environments. Consider using pyjamas and bedding made of a bamboo fabric as it helps absorb and take away excess sweating.

Wash your hands

We all know that winter comes with a spike of coughs and colds. Cancer treatment puts patients at an increased risk of becoming unwell due treatments weakening your immune system. The easiest and simplest way to reduce the chances of becoming ill is washing your hands before and after using the toilet, before and after eating, and before and eating before exposed to people who may be unwell.

Stay away

People can underestimate how their health can affect yours if you are undergoing cancer treatment. If someone indicates that are unwell, or not feel 100%, politely ask them to reschedule their visit until they are better. This goes for children and toddlers as well, especially if they are coughing or sneezing.

The Live Better With Community recommends:

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Brooklyn Cotton Hat:

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Lyonsleaf Complete Skincare with Skin Rescue Gift Set:

Heating plus cancer treatments equal extremely dry skin. The Lyonsleaf Complete skincare with Skin Rescue Gift Set will improve the quality of your skin, leaving it soft and smooth

The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook:

Comforting meals are an excellent way of staying warm. The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook provides delicious, nutritious recipes to help you maintain your strength throughout winter

AHAVA Natural Bath Salts:

Baths are a perfect way to relax, unwind and warm up

Gel'O Cool Pillow Mat:

Don’t be put off by the Cooling! Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat can be heated in the microwave to be a warm layer to put between blankets when in bed, on the couch, or in hospital while having scalp cooling

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