Our Top 10 Most Helpful Products

With 2016 coming to an end, we've compiled the list of our most useful products, based on our community feedback.

1) The Ultimate Chemo Hamper:

Chemo is tough. Going through it can be long and arduous, and cause side-effects and symptoms that may dampen your day-to-day life. Handpicked to ease the discomfort from chemo, the Ultimate Chemo Hamper includes products to help with nausea, anxiety, dry and itchy skin, hot flushes, headaches, aches and pains. It is an ideal gift for someone undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

2) PICC Line Kit: 

PICC lines are a significant relief for people whose veins have been damaged or those in need of ongoing treatment, as they reduce the number of injections and needles required. The downside of PICC’s is that they can get snagged on clothes and are non-waterproof. The PICC line Kit addresses these two issues and includes our exclusive Care + Wear PICC line cover and LimbO Waterproof PICC line Cover.


3) The Ultimate Radiotherapy Hamper:

The Ultimate Radiotherapy Hamper has been curated by our community based on what they found to be beneficial during and after their radiation treatment to manage their side-effects. The hamper includes popular products that have helped others ease their anxiety, dry and irritated skin, reaction areas, hot flushes, fatigue and aches.

The Ultimate Radiotherapy Hamper

4) GelO Cooling Pillow:

The GelO Cooling Pillow is a versatile product to help with hot flushes or, when feeling cold. Cancer treatments can cause you to become more sensitive to temperature change, and potentially affect your hormones which can lead to night sweats. The GelO pillow can be chilled to relieve night sweats or heated to keep you warmer when in need of an extra layer.

Gel'O Pillow

5) iBeani:

The iBeani is one of our best sellers. Applauded for being the perfect gift for those fatigued or resting more than usual, the iBeani has also found a place for those with lymphedema. Being comfortable can be a struggle with lymphedema, but members of our community have said how resting their arm on the iBeani improved their quality of sleep and rest.


6) Defiant Beauty Set:

Nail and skin concerns, such as dryness and irritation, is a theme brought up regularly by our community. Complimented for its ability to soothe and smooth skin and nails, and developed by a cancer survivor, the Defiant Beauty Set is designed to alleviate dry, cracked skin, and brittle nails, which can often be neglected when undergoing chemo and radiotherapy.

Defiant Beauty Set

7) Fast Shampoo and Conditioner:

Hair loss is known as one of the most stressful and anxiety causing side-effects of cancer treatment. Fast Shampoo and Conditioner improve the thickness of hair and stimulate growth. To be used eight weeks after finishing chemo, and when there is at least an inch of growth, the Fast Shampoo and Conditioner set is ideal for someone wanting to regrow their hair quickly.

FAST Shampoo and Conditioner

8) Feeling Sick Kit:

The Feeling Sick Kit is a must-have set for many in our community. Nausea is one the most common side-effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. This kit can provide a little extra support to improve nausea and vomiting. It contains Queasy Drops, Sea-band anti-nausea wristbands and Ginger Gins Chews which all individually and together improve nausea.

Feeling Sick Kit

9) Sorrento and Milan Bamboo Hats:

Wearing a hat is an easy way to cover hair loss or hair thinning during cancer treatment. People often comment that when they wear a hat friends and family are unable to tell they are losing their hair, which can be very affirming. Available in multiple colours and styles, the Bamboo hats are stylish to wear out of the house, and its fabric is more absorbent than other materials which means less scalp irritation, making it the ideal companion while having chemo or radiotherapy.

Sorrento Bamboo Hat

10) OnicoLife Drops for Chemo Nails:

The Live Better With Community often comment on the impact of chemo on their nails. Nail care is vital but often forgotten about as there are not many products out there designed specifically for “chemo nails.” Onicolife Drops for Chemo Nails has been hailed for helping improve nail health no matter what stage of the treatment you are on. The earlier in the treatment you start using Onicolife Drops the better protection and results are.

OnicoLife Drops

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