Our top 5 gifts for the dad in your life

“It is a wise father that knows his own child” - William Shakespeare.

Being a role model, protector and friend is part of being a father. It can be difficult being or having a dad undergoing treatment for cancer. To help make treatment a little bit better we have carefully picked five of our most 'dad inspired' useful and practical products and gift sets.

Men's Comfort Gift Set

Being comfortable during and after treatment can relax the mind and body and help improve recovery time. The Men's comfort gift set contains the super soft bamboo socks and an iBeani. Bamboo socks are hypo-allergenic and have antibacterial properties, so they won’t irritate the most delicate of skin. The popular iBeani allows you to continue watching your favourite shows or surf the web without having to sit or lie uncomfortably.

Revita Hair-Stimulating Shampoo

Hair loss has often been seen as a female concern in the cancer setting. But it can impact a man's self-esteem just as much. The Revita Hair-Stimulating Shampoo helps reduce hair loss against pollutants and chemicals, as well as stimulates new hair growth.

Men’s Bold Beanie

When experiencing hair loss, the scalp can become more sensitive than previously. Traditional hats and beanies can irritate the scalp. The Men’s Bold Beanie was designed by someone who experienced hair loss after chemo, and wanted to create a product that was soft, didn’t slip off, but also didn’t itch.

Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream

A good skincare regime is very important during radiotherapy and chemo. The Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream is a natural, award-winning cream that soothes and rehydrates the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties also promote healing and cell regeneration so it won’t irritate your skin.

Men’s Chemo Kit

The Men’s chemo kit contains all the essential products to help manage chemo-related side effects. The kit includes a Bold Beanie in a choice of two colours, along with Badger Sleep Balm (21g), Queasy Drops (21 pieces) to help with nausea and Pocket Posh Brain Game.

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