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Our top 5 gifts for the dad in your life

“It is a wise father that knows his own child” - William Shakespeare.

Being a role model, protector and friend is part of being a father. It can be difficult being or having a dad undergoing treatment for cancer. To help make treatment a little bit better we have carefully picked five of our most 'dad inspired' useful and practical products and gift sets.

How to speak to someone with cancer

At first, this article was going to say one sentence, “Speak to them like you did before they had cancer.” But after some thought and research, we found that people with cancer should be spoken to differently. They are often going through one of the most difficult periods of their life. Although, a degree of normality should be expected, people undergoing a cancer diagnosis or cancer treatment do deserve a greater degree of empathy and more patience. People living with a cancer diagnosis, also have a legitimate excuse for not wanting to do things.

Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients

A gift can serve many purposes. It can brighten someone’s day and let you know you’re thinking about them. A gift can also be practical and help with day-to-day tasks such as cooking, entertaining or driving. Buying a gift usually isn’t a difficult process, so why then is it deemed difficult when buying a gift for someone with a cancer diagnosis?

5 Tips to get the most out of your doctors visit

An upcoming appointment to the doctor can put dread and fear in even the bravest of people. Doctors hold information that you need, and not knowing can build anxiety and stress. Visiting the doctor is also quite different to other appointments, there are usually long waits and your visit may vary in length.

We want to equip you with tips to make the most of your doctors visit.

Steroids and cancer treatment: Why am I on them?

Steroids are substances that you make naturally in your body. They can be replicated and made in the lab to help treat certain side effects or symptoms, as well as increase the efficacy of some chemotherapies. Steroids play important roles in several different mechanisms throughout the body, including fight and flight (stress) and immune responses.

Chemo Brain and our Community: A Summary of 450 Passionate Survey Responses

If you have never heard of chemo brain but started experiencing its symptoms, it can be very distressing. People often say they feel like they are going mad, and friends and family find it difficult speaking and interacting with them - because they too are unaware of what chemo brain is. These stories became evident a month ago when we wrote an article on the results of a study of women with breast cancer, who had poorer cognitive abilities than women of the same age who had not had chemo. The post was so well received by our community that we wanted to gain a bit more insight into your experiences with chemo brain, and to see if there were any ways we could help ease this side effect of chemo. To do this, we sent out a survey via our email and Facebook page: we were overwhelmed to receive 450 passionate responses.

Five exercises that you can do at home

World Cancer Day is Saturday 4th February, and this year's theme is all about being active and getting moving. Physical activity has been shown to have multiple benefits in patients undergoing a cancer diagnosis. Even mild exercise can increase energy levels, stimulate appetite, and help you relax; sometimes though this can be difficult due to fatigue or reduced mobility.

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