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The updated database, developed at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, will allow scientists across the globe to design new cancer treatments more effectively, the study said. 

‘Our database is constantly growing with information and is the largest of its kind – with more than 140,000 users from over 175 countries,’ said ...

Today in the science blog from Cancer Research UK, Aine McCarthy summarise some of the most interesting cancer science stories of 2015.

The author breaks down scientific cancer news in a few interesting topics.

  • Hard-to-treat cancers
  • Add Aspirin
  • Tumour evolution
  • Liquid biopsies
  • The Grand Challenge
  • The year immunotherapy hit the big time

To read the ...

Live Better With's article summary:

Scientists at Imperial Colege London are investigating whether microscopic gold beads could help improve the targeting of chemotherapy drugs and reduce the side-effects. 

They hope to use the gold particles to ultimately administer chemotherapy only to cancer cells instead of the whole body. Thus reducing the destructive and often ...