How to help heal the mind and brain during and after cancer

Joint winners announced as the Best Mind & Brain Product at the inaugural Live Better With Spotlight Awards

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When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it’s easy to think about the physical complications the disease brings – from nausea and hair loss to pain and fatigue. But what about the impact on your mental health?

Feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear are very common and are normal responses to this life-changing experience. Many things can cause these feelings. Changes in body image can affect self-esteem and confidence. Family and work roles may be altered. You might also fear death, suffering, pain, or all the unknown things that lie ahead.

There are many ways to help tackle these negative feelings – support groups, counselling, mindfulness practices and self-help books to name a few.

For our inaugural Spotlight Awards, we asked the cancer community to nominate what they considered to be the Best Mind and Brain Product (among 11 other categories). After being whittled down to a shortlist, our judges voted for joint winners: Badger Cheerful Mind Balm and the Cancer Comfort Gift Hamper by CancerCareParcel.

Badger Cheerful Mind Balm 

badger cheerful mind balm stick for mind and brain

The Badger Cheerful Mind Balm stick is ideal to help you relax and cheer up on the harder days. Citrus aromas always encourage a cheerful mood: imagine peeling an orange and the lovely scent that fills the air. The essential oils of lemon and sweet orange cheer and uplift the mind, while spearmint dispels that “cloudy day” mood.  Simply rub a little onto forehead, temples, under the nose, hands, or anywhere you need a little soothing. Breathe it in to uplift the mind.

You can purchase the Badger Cheerful Mind Balm here.

best mind and brain product

The first of its kind, the Spotlight Awards shine a light on the achievements of truly remarkable people, products, and services in the cancer community. Nominated by the public, and voted by a panel of expert judges, the winners are from all walks of life, of all ages, and from across the world.

The Spotlight Awards have been organised by Live Better With, an award-winning online platform where cancer patients and their loved ones can find products and information to help with the symptoms and side effects of living with cancer.

See the full list of Spotlight Award winners here.


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