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Over the weekend, leading childhood cancer charity, Children with Cancer UK, published research claiming that rates of childhood cancer had increased by 40% over the past 16 years. They blamed the modern lifestyle - a lack of exercise, unhealthy diets of fast food, breathing polluted air and using electronic devices for this massive rise.

These claims ...

Anti-malaria drug could make radiotherapy more effective

Scientists in Oxford have discovered that using an old anti-malaria drug alongside radiotherapy treatment helps shrink hard to treat tumours. The drug, atovaquone, is a cheap, widely available and safe drug which causes tumours to process oxygen differently making them sensitive to the effects of radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy works by damaging the DNA of cancer cells ...

Today in the science blog from Cancer Research UK, Aine McCarthy summarise some of the most interesting cancer science stories of 2015.

The author breaks down scientific cancer news in a few interesting topics.

  • Hard-to-treat cancers
  • Add Aspirin
  • Tumour evolution
  • Liquid biopsies
  • The Grand Challenge
  • The year immunotherapy hit the big time

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