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Struggling to Sleep with Cancer? You're Not Alone

Research has found up to 80% of all patients with a cancer diagnosis experience some degree of disturbed sleep during their cancer diagnosis and treatment. There are multiple reasons why sleep is disturbed, but luckily there are ways to manage your sleep.

Macmillan’s Cancer Comparison: 1970s to Now

Yesterday, Macmillan published a fascinating report on the changes in cancer care over the last 40 years, comparing diagnosis, treatment and survival in the 1970s to now. Live Better With’s Dr Zahra Neshat has read the 23 page article article and picked out the most important and interesting parts to give you a useful summary of the improvements in cancer care, and those still needed.

Your Personal Checklist: What to bring to chemo

Here is your personal checklist of things to bring with you to chemo, to make sure you're a little bit more comfortable and to help you bring a little bit of home to the hospital. All the suggestions come from people living with cancer who have gone through rounds of chemo themselves.

“Getting some of ...

What to Bring to Chemo: Your Personal Checklist

Thousands of people across the UK have chemo every year and we know it is natural to wonder what to expect. We've received several emails at Live Better With HQ asking us for tips on what to bring to chemo and what to do whilst there.

My oncologist provided everything I needed in chemo-from a ...