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I had always considered myself as just being very, very lucky as far as my cancer treatment went. I didn't miss a scheduled chemo session, the nausea was almost non existent and apart from the 5th month into chemotherapy when I got a little tired after lunch, I really didn't suffer with fatigue.

It wasn't ...

Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - 24th of August

I've always believed that keeping oneself healthy, or regaining health after an illness or injury, has to be done holistically.  When I set up Bandana Health and Fitness it was with the intention of offering an holistic approach to my members.

holistic - characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and ...

Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - August 3rd

Breaking Bad Habits #3. Sugar

Whenever I sit to write these blogs each week I prefer to write about my own experience, something I've witnessed or a matter that has arisen with a client (Client confidentiality preserved, of course).

My daughter and I both eat a very healthy and well balanced diet. That's not to ...

Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - 27th of July

Last week I talked about ways to cut down the volume we eat as in the Western world the trend is to consume far more than is necessary with adverse effects.

When I talk to clients about food I always start with HOW food is broken down and absorbed. I touched on that last week ...

Hi folks,

So, there are many misconceptions around reducing swelling. If we view lymphoedema as water retention then it is understandable that some people believe it is better to drink less water, so there is less to send to a swollen area. Unfortunately this is not how our bodies work!

Likewise, I've heard some people ...

Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - 8th June

Hello everyone,

When I write these blogs I try to remember how I felt on a day to day basis in 2010 when I was having my full on year of cancer treatment.

So much has happened since then; my life, routine, knowledge has all moved on hugely since that year. I want to pass ...

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