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Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients

A gift can serve many purposes. It can brighten someone’s day and let you know you’re thinking about them. A gift can also be practical and help with day-to-day tasks such as cooking, entertaining or driving. Buying a gift usually isn’t a difficult process, so why then is it deemed difficult when buying a gift for someone with a cancer diagnosis?

How Costs of Assisted Living Depend on the Type of Care You Choose

There may come a time when you or a loved one needs care. Perhaps it’s due to old age, an existing disability, or maybe you’re recovering from an illness or injury and need extra help. There are a range of care options available depending on your situation but the cost of care can sometimes seem prohibitively expensive. You should never have to sacrifice good quality care due to your finances and fortunately there are a range of care and funding options available to meet your various needs.

I had always considered myself as just being very, very lucky as far as my cancer treatment went. I didn't miss a scheduled chemo session, the nausea was almost non existent and apart from the 5th month into chemotherapy when I got a little tired after lunch, I really didn't suffer with fatigue.

It wasn't ...

Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - 24th of August

I've always believed that keeping oneself healthy, or regaining health after an illness or injury, has to be done holistically.  When I set up Bandana Health and Fitness it was with the intention of offering an holistic approach to my members.

holistic - characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and ...

Macmillan’s Cancer Comparison: 1970s to Now

Yesterday, Macmillan published a fascinating report on the changes in cancer care over the last 40 years, comparing diagnosis, treatment and survival in the 1970s to now. Live Better With’s Dr Zahra Neshat has read the 23 page article article and picked out the most important and interesting parts to give you a useful summary of the improvements in cancer care, and those still needed.

Using Your Garden To Heal By Jenny Peterson

Like many of you, I felt tired, sick, and listless during treatment. I had a number of side effects, some lasting to this day (lymphedema and nerve damage), and I just didn’t feel like going outside. But the more I stayed inside, the worse I felt, so I began making small efforts.

If you love gardening like I do, and consider it your “therapy,” don’t let your cancer diagnosis keep you from your outdoor space. You might need to adjust the way you do things and get some help, but it’s not only possible to keep gardening, it’s recommended as an aid to your healing.

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