Personality Changes in Cancer Patients

chemo personality changes

How can cancer impact someone’s personality?

There isn’t a “right” way to deal with cancer. Sadness, anger, hope, numbness, fear, determination, denial: the list of feelings you might experience along the journey is endless, and you have every right to feel them. However, if you notice a very sudden change in your own behaviour, or someone you care for seems very different since their diagnosis or treatment, there might be something else going on too.

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Online puzzle exercises used to tackle chemo brain

Study finds chemo brain exercises help with symptoms

chemo brain exercises

People experiencing problems with their memory and concentration following chemotherapy treatment can help overcome symptoms using simple online brain training exercises.

Cancer survivors often comment on both memory and concentration problems after having had chemotherapy treatment, this is often refered to as ‘chemo brain’.

A group of researchers found that 40 minutes a day, four times a week for 15 weeks of online brain training resulted in a significant improvement of these cognitive symptoms.

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