Introducing: Live Better With Cancer Community

Here at Live Better With we’ve been working on a big project.

When you’re living with cancer or caring for a loved one who is, it can be hard to find someone who truly understands. While friends and family may sympathise and offer words of advice and support, the only people who really ‘get it’ are those who, like you, are on this journey. That’s why we’ve created the brand new Live Better With Community.

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How to talk about cancer – by 500 people who have it

The Ins and Outs of Discussing Your Cancer - A Summary of 500 Real and Raw Survey Responses

Being diagnosed with cancer is confronting. It can change the way you react to the world, and how the world reacts to you. There is no right way to discuss cancer with friends or family, but there are usually a few themes or trends that develop when people are diagnosed.

We wanted to gain insight into how you found discussing your cancer diagnosis with your loved ones, and to see whether we could provide useful tips or advice.

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