Steroids and Cancer

Steroids are substances that you make naturally in your body. They can be replicated in the lab to help treat certain side effects or symptoms, or to increase the effectiveness of certain chemotherapy drugs. Steroids play important roles in several different mechanisms throughout the body, including fight and flight (stress) and immune responses.

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Finding the best wigs for cancer patients

When you’ve lost your hair due to chemotherapy or other cancer treatment, wigs can open up a whole new world of style, image and confidence for you.

Finding the best wigs for cancer patients

One practical way of coping with hair loss is to wear a wig. There are many different styles and colours to choose from. They can be natural-looking and comfortable to wear.

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Mums with Cancer

It can be hard to know what gift to give someone you love who is battling a difficult illness

gifts for mums with cancer - mother's day gift guide

With Mother’s Day just a week away, you may be racking your brain for sweet and thoughtful gift ideas. Flowers, a teddy bear and perhaps a box of chocolates are the usual gifts that come to mind for many, but if you have a mother or wife who’s undergoing cancer treatment, you may want to make her Mother’s Day extra special this year with a gift that shows your love and support during this tough time in her life.

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Live Better With launches first ever bamboo chemo headwear range

Live Better With bamboo hats

As the saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself!

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done here at Live Better With. Over the years, we’ve curated a great selection of hats, turbans and headscarves and we’re always on the lookout for new excellent headwear options.

We receive tonnes of feedback and suggestions from customers every day about styles they love, fabrics that feel best on sensitive skin and the most affordable prices. Taking that all into consideration, we’re excited to announce that we have designed and created our very own luxurious and feminine headwear range inspired entirely by our cancer community.

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How to Find Help When You’re Living With Cancer

Finding help for cancer patients, their families, and their carers can be tricky. Luckily, there are lots available to assist you – all you have to do is start looking! 

Finding Help Cancer

Finding Help When You Have Cancer

There are hundreds of organisations, groups, charities and businesses out there that can help you to live better with cancer!

But what if you’re not sure what’s out there? Or if you’re not sure where to even start?

We know that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for at the best of times, especially if you’re feeling sick.

That’s why we created the Cancer Support Map. It’s the only platform of its kind, and it will help you and your loved ones find local, relevant cancer services at the touch of a button!

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