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  1. Hello,

    How do we get in contact for guest speaking? My client, Dr. Robert Lum, a board-certified oncologist would be a great fit for you show!

    Please advice,


    1. Hi Alexia, thanks for getting in touch. We’d love to hear from Dr. Lum! If he’d like to participate, he can just fill in the short Google Form above and we’ll be in touch!

  2. Christine Handy is a breast cancer survivor and author of the best-selling memoir, Walk Beside Me. She has written numerous articles about exercise, meditation, and  various kinds of emotional support as means of dealing with cancer. She regularly addresses groups of women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer as well as those who have completed treatment. Her message is uplifting, inspirational, but not unrealistically optimistic. Please let me know if you are interested in the work of Ms.  Handy and if you would like to have additional information.

    Thank you,
    Jeffrey Sussman

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