Menopause Community Round-Up: Why it’s always good to talk!

The latest discussions, tips and advice from the Live Better With Menopause Community forum…

The Live Better With Menopause Community is filled with real people with lived experience of the menopause: from hot flushes, to aches and pains to foggy brains. It’s a space to go to share stories, find  support, and pick up hints and tips from the people who understand the most – other menopausal and perimenopausal women.

Here’s a round-up of some of the latest forum discussions…

Menopause and the workplace – do you get enough support?

In this thread Milagros asked if any community members were receiving enough support from their HR departments or line managers at work.

Sadly, the response was overwhelmingly negative. It seems there is a long way to go when it comes to employers recognising and accommodating menopause in the workplace.

As our moderator Kaz put it:

“I think there are lots of changes that need to be made, and all of them involve communication. We, as women, need to talk about what’s happening to us. Employers need to listen. We are working far longer than we ever did, and a lot of women probably have menopausal symptoms for a while before they even realise what’s going on…Employers need to be more proactive when it comes to dealing with women who want to continue working effectively with the menopause….I’m not sure that employment law has caught up yet!”

How has your experience been? We’d love to hear your stories or tips. Share them here.


Menopause and work tips

We’ve put together some tips and advice for living with menopause in the workplace in this blog post:  Menopause and work: tips for coping, and what to expect from employers.


Explaining the menopause to your family – why it’s good to talk

It’s not just in the workplace that communication helps. Community member Marion_s9  asked: Have you had a go at explaining what you’re going through? What helped bring it home to your family?

Judging by the responses, talking to partners, children and family members about the menopause isn’t easy, it seems. Comments include ‘they don’t know anything about it’ and ‘My girls see menopause as a way to stop having the inconvenience of periods’

But it is well worth doing.

MandL21 summed it up: “I think we all need to be so much more honest and open and talk about it more.  Some people just think “oh yeah she’s hormonal just going through menopause and having hot sweats” – laughing it off – but it’s debilitating. I feel my partner is very sympathetic with what I’m going through at the moment he knows exactly when my hot moments are and usually asks if he can do anything etc. He has also read up on the menopause just to know what we can expect…he’s my rock.”

Have you tried explaining the menopause to your family? Share your experience here.


Nicki Williams –  your menopause nutrition questions answered

Nicki Williams, award-winning nutritionist, author, speaker and leading expert in women’s health. She has recently published her first book;  It’s not you, it’s your hormones; The essential guide for women over 40 to fight fat, fatigue and hormone havoc.

Nicki joined us to answer questions from the community about how the right nutrition, diet and supplements can help with all kinds of menopause symptoms.

Topics covered in the ‘Ask Me Anything’ event included:

…and much more. Read the full thread here.


Look out for more Ask Me Anything events on the forum soon.

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