Have you gone through menopause? Then we need your help!

We know that cancer and its treatments can leave you dealing with a wide range of unexpected side effects, from painful fingernails to trouble tasting your food. But one of the most common side effects we hear about from women in our community is the menopause. And we want to hear more!

menopause survey

Many cancer treatments can affect the ovaries and prevent them from functioning normally. So you may find that when going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormonal treatments for cancer, you enter a temporary menopause. And if you undergo a hysterectomy, you will go through a permanent menopause, no matter what age you are.

Going through menopause and all the weird side effects it brings can be scary for some women, especially if it’s happening earlier than you expected.

So to make sure we’re supporting you as best we can, we’ve put together our menopause survey. We want to know which side effects you’ve experienced, how prepared you felt, and how the people around you have reacted.

It’s very quick to fill in (less than five mins!), and by letting us know what it’s really like going through menopause, you’ll be helping thousands of other women out there facing one of the biggest life changes a woman can go through.

Click here to fill in your answers!



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