Anti-Cancer Drug Made More Effective To Reduce Side Effects

An exciting development in chemotherapy drug delivery means that targeting tumours will soon be easier. 

Cancer Injection

Scientists have found a way to reduce the necessary dose of an existing chemo drug by making sure the full amount of the drug reaches the tumour rather than being partially destroyed as it travels through the body.  “That means we can use 50 times less of the drug and still get the same results – more effective treatment with fewer and milder side effects.”

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The kind of cancer that may not need chemo

It’s early days, but researchers are making great strides in the search for alternatives to chemo.

Cancer that won't need chemo

The latest study, led by scientists from the MD Anderson Cancer Center, has found that some people with the most common kind of leukaemia – chronic lymphocytic leukaemia – did better with an anticancer drug called ibrutinib than those who were given chemo.

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