Headbands of Hope: Where style meets compassion

Who would have thought a hair accessory could do so much good?!

Headbands of hope Jess Ekstrom
Headbands of Hope founder Jess Ekstrom (right)

Entrepreneur Jess Ekstrom was just 20 years old and still studying in university when she found her life’s calling.

In 2012, she was an intern with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a wish-granting organisation for youngsters with life-threatening illnesses, and was spending lots of time with children with cancer who’d lost their hair during chemotherapy treatments. Continue reading “Headbands of Hope: Where style meets compassion”


Navigating Childhood Cancer and Finding What You Love

Childhood Cancer is hard to talk about, but thousands of children and their families face it every single day. This week on the Cancer Companion Podcast, we speak with a childhood cancer survivor and ask for her best advice about navigating the cancer journey. 

Childhood Cancer podcast


Welcome to Season 2 of Cancer Companion. We’re so excited to bring you another fantastic series of conversations with cancer patients and experts.

This season, we’ll be focusing on the “less-discussed” aspects of life with cancer; those “taboos” and tough topics that are hard to wade into.

Together, every week, we’ll explore a different “Cancer Taboo” – everything from finances and money, to sex, pregnancy, fertility, mental health, and end of life care.

This week, we’re diving straight in with a discussion about Childhood Cancer.

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10 Beautiful Children’s Books About Cancer

children's books about cancer

How would you explain cancer to a child? It’s a difficult subject for anyone to talk about, but if a child is diagnosed, or someone in their family is living with cancer, you might find yourself dealing with a lot of difficult questions. What is cancer? Why do I have to stay in hospital? Why is someone’s hair falling out? 

One of the best ways for kids to understand new ideas is through reading about them. So we’ve collected together 10 of the best children’s books about cancer – many of them written by people who have been through cancer themselves.

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Schoolgirl takes cancer hair loss into her own hands

Nine-year-old makes wigs from scratch to donate to little girls who have lost their hair from cancer

Lauren Laray wigs cancer
Lauren LaRay (Photo credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

A thoughtful schoolgirl is on a mission to help young cancer patients feel more beautiful and confident while undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Nine-year-old Lauren LaRay is making wigs for young girls with cancer who’ve lost their own hair. She is making them from scratch at home after school.

Using nothing more than a crochet needle, weave cap and store-bought hair, Lauren says her goal is to make the wigs look as natural as possible.

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