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Over the weekend, leading childhood cancer charity, Children with Cancer UK, published research claiming that rates of childhood cancer had increased by 40% over the past 16 years. They blamed the modern lifestyle - a lack of exercise, unhealthy diets of fast food, breathing polluted air and using electronic devices for this massive rise.

These claims ...

Obesity can increase risk of cancer for women

"Fat women who refuse to diet 'are more likely to get cancer'," states the Mail Online, using a headline that is both inaccurate and offensive. The article reported on a study that found women with a greater extent and duration of obesity were at a greater risk of certain cancers.

The study was carried ...

Macmillan’s Cancer Comparison: 1970s to Now

Yesterday, Macmillan published a fascinating report on the changes in cancer care over the last 40 years, comparing diagnosis, treatment and survival in the 1970s to now. Live Better With’s Dr Zahra Neshat has read the 23 page article article and picked out the most important and interesting parts to give you a useful summary of the improvements in cancer care, and those still needed.

Nic Naish's Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Tips - 13th of July

Hello all,

It's been a strange week of highs and lows within my family. I've had some really hopeful news regarding my continued work with cancer survivors and sadly, my sister-in-law (younger than me) has been diagnosed with a form of MS (multiple sclerosis). A diagnosis she was expecting; but as many of us remember ...

Hi folks,

So, there are many misconceptions around reducing swelling. If we view lymphoedema as water retention then it is understandable that some people believe it is better to drink less water, so there is less to send to a swollen area. Unfortunately this is not how our bodies work!

Likewise, I've heard some people ...