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A new treatment for leukaemia developed in Australia has been fast-tracked for use in the US and EU. The drug Venetoclax is a targeted therapy designed to prevent the perpetual growth and replication of cancer cells.

By blocking BCL2, a protein produced by cancer cells making them immortal, Venetoclax stops the cells from being able ...

Ovarian Cancer: Death rates fall worldwide

A study by Italian researchers has found that the number of people dying from ovarian cancer has dropped over the past decade due to increased use of the contraceptive pill together with a decline in the long-term use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The study compared data on ovarian cancer death rates worldwide from 2002 ...

Cancer survivor: More workplace support needed

Breast cancer survivor Lynette McKendry is calling for more support for people with cancer wanting to return to work. She reports that many people she met whilst receiving treatment for cancer encountered difficulties at work. So much so that some people are forced to leave.

Mrs McKendry works for the Department of Justice and said ...

Macmillan’s Cancer Comparison: 1970s to Now

Yesterday, Macmillan published a fascinating report on the changes in cancer care over the last 40 years, comparing diagnosis, treatment and survival in the 1970s to now. Live Better With’s Dr Zahra Neshat has read the 23 page article article and picked out the most important and interesting parts to give you a useful summary of the improvements in cancer care, and those still needed.

Exercise helps prevent and shrink cancers

Scientists have long known that athletes have a lower risk of developing cancer than the rest of us. They believed this was due to their healthy diet and non-smoker status. However, a study has now found that it is actually exercise itself that helps protect against cancer and can even improve your chances of surviving ...

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