Welcome to the Community Space at Live Better With.

Here, you’ll find:

  • Our brand new audio guide, Cancer Companion — a weekly podcast episode that will come out every Thursday. Tune in for tips, advice & stories from cancer patients just like you! (And if you’ve never heard the term “podcast” before, don’t worry – it’s just like a radio show that you can listen to right on your computer, phone or tablet – whenever and wherever you want).
  • Our new and improved blog. Bear with us as we transition from the old blog space to the new one (these things take time, and we want to get it right!)
  • Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be hard at work to build a space for you to connect with fellow cancer patients. We know how valuable tips and information can be, and they’re even better when they come directly from people who been through the same thing you have. If you’d like to, you can participate by joining our patient panel!