4 incredible cancer charities on a mission to help mums

From pregnant mums with cancer to mums caring for children with the disease, we look at charities doing amazing things for mothers all over the world

The news of a pregnancy or a recent birth is an exciting time for all prospective and existing parents. It can, however, be cruelly interrupted by the news of a cancer diagnosis and the worry that this brings to both the woman involved and the wider family.

Here, we look at charities that offer support and guidance to pregnant women who find themselves facing a cancer diagnosis.

For Pregnant Mums with Cancer

Mummy’s Star

pregnant mums with cancer

Pete Wallroth lost his wife Mair to cancer just ten weeks after the birth of their second child. His family’s store of loss, hope, help and inspiration lead to the establishment of Mummy’s Star.

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Beauty products for cancer patients with sensitive skin

How to take extra care of your skin during cancer treatment

Most people know about the hair loss associated with chemo, but as well as other side effects, treatment can also result in dull, greying skin that’s dry, sensitive, and irritated.

You may find that your usual skincare and beauty products do more harm than good while experiencing these side effects. The best thing to do is to change up your skin routine to rely on simple, moisturising products for sensitive skin.

Search for products that are gentle, hydrating, and hypoallergenic. Avoid common allergens like fragrance, alcohol, preservatives, and botanical essential oils, which can be irritating or, even cause an allergic reaction.

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“Ugh, Side Effects”: The March Blogger Roundup

This month, I asked our wonderful blogger community what they thought of when they heard the words “side effects” – and I think Heather put it best. “UGH”.

It seems everybody’s had at least one or two run-ins with side effects during their cancer treatment. But for every nausea nightmare or unexpected rash, our bloggers have come up with inventive, practical, and downright genius tips for getting through them. Read on to find out more!

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Mums with Cancer

It can be hard to know what gift to give someone you love who is battling a difficult illness

gifts for mums with cancer - mother's day gift guide

With Mother’s Day just a week away, you may be racking your brain for sweet and thoughtful gift ideas. Flowers, a teddy bear and perhaps a box of chocolates are the usual gifts that come to mind for many, but if you have a mother or wife who’s undergoing cancer treatment, you may want to make her Mother’s Day extra special this year with a gift that shows your love and support during this tough time in her life.

Let’s add a little sunshine to all the mums, grandmothers, aunts and friends undergoing cancer treatment this Mother’s Day!

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February Blogger Roundup: Relationships

For this month’s roundup, we want to talk about relationships. Of course, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve been thinking about how romantic relationships and dating can be affected by going through cancer. But we also wanted to focus on a kind of relationship that’s just as important – friendship. Read more for some seriously helpful relationship advice from the real experts…

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Can hemp seed oil help soothe your chemo skin?

How one cosmetics company is using a controversial ingredient to help tackle dry, sensitive skin

carun active hemp - seed oil

Cancer and its treatment – including chemotherapy an radiotherapy – can often cause extremely dry and irritated skin.

From jojoba and coconut to calendula and shea, there are many ways to use natural oils and ingredients to help nourish and soothe your skin. But one oil you may not know about it hemp seed oil.  Continue reading “Can hemp seed oil help soothe your chemo skin?”

Weight loss and chemo: Managing weight during cancer treatment

We look at why cancer causes weight loss and what can be done to help keep your weight and energy levels up

Weight loss and cancer
Weight loss and cancer: Managing weight during treatment

Cancer and its treatments can affect your eating habits – and your weight. Today, we’re talking about weight loss and what to do to help manage your weight when you have cancer.

Why Does Weight Loss Happen When I Have Cancer?

There are many factors that can contribute to weight loss even before patients are diagnosed. For instance, the cancer itself may produce chemicals called “cytokines” that can give you less of an appetite or cause nausea. Or the location of a tumour may place pressure on the digestive tract, making you fill up on food easily or have a hard time swallowing. After receiving a diagnosis, anxiety about the diagnosis and upcoming treatment can take away appetite. Then once treatment begins, side effects such as nausea, diarrhoea, taste changes, and sore throat can change what and how much people are eating. Continue reading “Weight loss and chemo: Managing weight during cancer treatment”

Cervical cancer prevention: Embarrassment makes women avoid smear tests

Survey finds that body insecurities are stopping women from attending their potentially life-saving check ups

smear tests

Young women are avoiding getting smear tests because they are embarrassed by the look and smell of their pubic areas, a survey suggests.

The charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust surveyed 2,017 British women.

A third said embarrassment caused them to delay getting a smear test, which can prevent 75% of cervical cancers.

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