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A new free offering from Live Better With, our Community is for anyone affected by cancer, whether you're a patient or caring for a loved one, our Community is here to help you navigate the complicated world of cancer.

  • Ask questions & Share Stories
  • Talk to experts at our regular Ask Me Anything Events
  • Be part of a Community that cares
  • ... and much much more!

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Share Stories, Ask Questions

People are at the heart of our Community, and so we've built a space to ask questions and share stories, whether about treatment or your own unique journey, the Community has been created with you in mind.

We've made it easy for you to start a new discussion, join existing threads or even start polls to help you make decisions, so that it's quick and simple to start sharing.

Talk With Cancer Experts

Over the past 3 years of working to help people live better with cancer, we've met so many people who are doing the same, health experts, lifestyle experts, and people who've been through cancer themselves and have some seriously helpful life lessons to share. We're now running Q&A sessions on the forum with them, where you can ask them anything that's on your mind.

Experts such as Jackie Buxton, Lucy O'Donnell & Dr. Yoga are joining our Ask Me Anything events.

Be Part of the Community

When you're living with cancer or caring for a loved one who is, it can be hard to find someone who truly understands.

Our Community is filled with real people, with lived experience of cancer, from diagnosis to treatments and life after cancer, we consider them community users to be experts too, with invaluable knowledge and answers to some of the hardest questions

We're only at the beginning of building our own new Community, and have much more planned. Sign up now and join us on the journey.

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