Headbands of Hope: Where style meets compassion

Who would have thought a hair accessory could do so much good?!

Headbands of hope Jess Ekstrom
Headbands of Hope founder Jess Ekstrom (right)

Entrepreneur Jess Ekstrom was just 20 years old and still studying in university when she found her life’s calling.

In 2012, she was an intern with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a wish-granting organisation for youngsters with life-threatening illnesses, and was spending lots of time with children with cancer who’d lost their hair during chemotherapy treatments. Continue reading “Headbands of Hope: Where style meets compassion”

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads with Cancer

Choosing a Father’s Day present can feel like an impossible task at the best of times. But that job can seem even harder when your dad has been diagnosed with cancer.

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads with Cancer

With Father’s Day just a few weeks away, you may be racking your brain for gift ideas. Socks, DIY tools and a jazzy tie are the usual gifts that come to mind for many, but if you have a father or husband who’s undergoing cancer treatment, you may want to make his Father’s Day extra special this year with a gift that shows your love and support during this tough time in his life.

Let’s add a little sunshine to all the dads, grandfather, uncles and friends undergoing cancer treatment this Father’s Day with these wonderful gifts for dads with cancer.

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Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

cheap travel insurance for cancer patients

Whether it’s rest and relaxation you need or a little bit of excitement and adventure, if you feel up to travelling, then having cancer doesn’t need to stop you from exploring the rest of the world.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, a holiday can give you the time and space to come to terms with the illness. Or maybe you need a few days away to recuperate from cancer treatment. You might even want to go on holiday to celebrate the all-clear.

Unfortunately, many travel insurers are reluctant to cover cancer patients, or anyone with a pre-existing medical condition, because they are considered more likely to make a claim.

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The best clothes to wear during cancer treatment

What to wear during cancer treatment: dressing for comfort & practicability

what to wear during cancer treatment

Cancer treatment can go on for months or even years for some people. That’s certainly a long time to wear flimsy and uncomfortable hospital gowns or struggle with unsuitable clothing during chemotherapy, radiotherapy or after surgery.

When it comes to finding the best clothes to wear during treatment, it’s about comfort and practicality, and also about feeling like you’re still you.

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Finding the best wigs for cancer patients

When you’ve lost your hair due to chemotherapy or other cancer treatment, wigs can open up a whole new world of style, image and confidence for you.

Finding the best wigs for cancer patients

One practical way of coping with hair loss is to wear a wig. There are many different styles and colours to choose from. They can be natural-looking and comfortable to wear.

From fitting and maintenance to styles and accessories,  we’re looking at how to find the best wigs for cancer patients: Continue reading “Finding the best wigs for cancer patients”

“I was determined to fight cancer with every ounce of strength I possessed”

 Soap and glory for Irish  entrepreneur Deborah Neill

Deborah Neill

We’re always on the lookout for new, innovative, and most importantly helpful products to add to our growing catalogue. A new addition to our site is Deborah Neill Handmade Soap, beautiful handmade soap created by a cancer survivor to help soothe irritated skin that has been affected by cancer treatment.

Here, soapmaker Deborah recalls why launched her handmade soap brand and why she recommends her soaps to fellow cancer patients:

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