7 Replies to “Let’s Talk About Cancer”

  1. I was diagnosed with Myeloma 9 years ago, gone through chemotherapy 4 times and I’ve never heard anyone use comments like you show in your article .

  2. People often mean Well, or say some of these things because they can’t cope and want to move paat/not talk about it. I had a relative say her friends friend had breast cancer but ‘proper breast cancer, you know not like yours…’ because mine was caused by radiation for my previous cancer and I ‘only’ had bilateral mastectomies and LD reconstruction. My previous cancer was ‘…if you have to have cancer it’s the best one…’ Hodgkins Lymphoma. And according to all, medics included you don’t look like you have cancer, heart disease, arthritis, tachycardia…etc. It’s a double edge sword looking well…or mostly looking well.

  3. Try getting vulva cancer and then see who is even prepared to talk to you about it. If you don’t have skin, breast or some other more ‘normal’ cancer then you are indeed left out in the cold. Why people have to act like this is beyond me, it’s about time people got a grip on this disease and stopped treating sufferers like pariahs. It really COULD happen to you too! Be kind to others

  4. I must have been lucky as I did not have any of the comments made to me. I was supported by everyone around me, except 2 sets of ‘so called’ friends, so they are not friends anymore.

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