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7 Day Pill Box Medicine Tablet Holder - 28 Compartment

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Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

After my treatment I had to take quite a few difference medicine tablets each day. I kept getting very confused and it would be a constant burden on my mind. My chemo brain also did not help much with that.. I decided to get a tablet holder and just organise it on Sunday night each week. Works great!

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About 7 Day Pill Box Medicine Tablet Holder - 28 Compartment

A simple, easy-to-use tablet holder for organising your medications- a great solution if chemo brain is making it hard to keep track.

Key benefits:

  • 4 compartments per day
  • Clearly labelled days of the week
  • Easy to organise a week's medication at a time

During and after treatment you might have to manage a lot of different medicine tablets to take on a daily basis. It can get very confusing. This simple medicine tablet holder can help you make the task more manageable. It has 28 slots with 4 slots for each day, all clearly marked with the different times of day that you should take the contained tablets.

Customer Reviews

  1. This has really simplified my life!

    Johnathan EverettWednesday, 05 December 2018

    This has made managing all my medication much easier and its big enough to hold my multiple pills.