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Active Against Cancer

A Guide to Improving Your Cancer Recovery With Exercise, by Nancy Brennan

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"I found that I would become very sad on days where I did not do some exercise. Even if it was just something gentle, exercise had a strong positive impact on my daily life." 

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About Active Against Cancer

Most people can improve their cancer recovery with exercise, according to the latest medical studies. Based on the American College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines for cancer patients, this book shows you what to do for exercise and why to do it. Medical concerns and warnings are reviewed. Simple, adjustable, personal exercise plans are explained with activities that you can easily do at home, outdoors, or in a fitness center. Tips for your success are part of this book’s inspiring content, along with profiles of ten cancer survivors who used exercise during their cancer treatment and recovery. Learn where to participate in athletic cancer fundraisers and how to adjust your exercise levels during treatment.

Let runner, skier, and swimmer, Nancy Brennan show you how to gain confidence in regaining your health—and hopefully beating cancer—by becoming active against cancer, starting today.


Customer Reviews

  1. An Integral part of Cancer Recovery

    Shira L.Sunday, 11 October 2015

    As a fitness & nutrition professional who works with many people with varying medical challenges & radio talk Show host of Eat Exercise Live, I speak to the greatest, most respected researchers & scientists around the world. It is proven the Exercise is critical to successful recovery from cancer on emotional, spiritual & obviously physical levels. Besides having the warm & fuzzy empathetic side of recovery, "Active Against Cancer" also offers factual, step by step guides to improving cancer recovery with exercise from respected oncologists & the American College On Sports Medicine. It is heartfelt yet filled with current scientific research. Ms. Brennan is also very proactive in that she also discusses the many benefits of exercise in prevention of illness. She has a very philosophical respect for the medical side of treatment & blending in responsible self care, which is very motivating & empowering. The many other cancer survivors Ms. Brennan interviews for the book each have a very different story to learn from so the book clearly addresses different cancers & different experiences. I personally had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Brennan on Eat Exercise Live - you make Google it and to hear her inspiration & thoughts that motivate her to share this guide with all of us is touching - I especially love where she tells us the story of the front cover, which is magnificent. In this case - you can judge a book by its cover!

  2. A Must Read!

    Cindy C.Saturday, 10 October 2015

    I picked up this book to give to a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Before giving it to her, I started flipping through it and ended up reading it cover to cover. Nancy's story and those of the other cancer survivors featured in this book are truly inspiring. For a healthy fit person to hear a diagnosis of cancer is devastating and unfair. But this book shows how to accept the diagnosis and move on. Nancy explains how to manage chemotherapy and its side effects by making the effort to do something--even on those days when just walking to the mailbox is an achievement! Actually, this book is not just for cancer survivors--it has some great advice for everyone about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how to ease into a fitness program. I highly recommend giving this book to someone you love who is strugglng to maintain a normal life through an illness; but read it yourself first--you won't regret it!

  3. An inspirational read

    Mrs. KinnyFriday, 09 October 2015

    This is a brilliant book, one that anyone who hasn't had cancer should read too. The stories are inspirational, and the advice given to help those on recovery from cancer is very helpful.