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Aidapt Wooden Bean Bag Lap Tray

Make the most of time spent in bed rest with this comfortable, non-slippy bean bag lap tray.

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

When I was post-op I had to stay in bed resting. Normal lap trays did not feel very comfortable and they slipped often. I found that lap trays with a bean-bag cushion were the best solution.

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  • Product FAQs
  • Dimensions of the Aidapt Wooden Lap Tray with Cushion

About Aidapt Wooden Bean Bag Lap Tray

TheĀ Aidapt Wooden Bean Bag Lap Tray is a simple but essential accessory for anyone recovering from treatment, or suffering with fatigue, arthritis, joint pain or muscle weakness.

The Aidapt Wooden Bean Bag Lap Tray at a glance:

  • Lightweight, comfortable and stable
  • With a built-in beanbag type cushion
  • Raised lip to help prevent spills
  • Perfect for eating, reading, writing, hobbies and crafts

If you're being treated for cancer, you might need to recover from surgery, or from fatigue, nausea, aches and pains as a side effect of treatment, and this can sometimes mean spending more recovery time in bed or on the couch.

If you're resting up, the Aidapt Wooden Bean Bag Lap Tray can come in really handy - helping you to eat meals comfortably while you rest, but also giving you a handy stable surface to keep your essential bits and pieces on, like books, a laptop computer, your mobile phone or tablet, or a cup of tea and some snacks.

Made from lightweight materials, the Aidapt Wooden Bean Bag Lap Tray is easy to use even for people with muscle weakness or joint issues.

Product FAQs

How will the Aidapt Wooden Lap Tray help?

The Aidapt Wooden Lap Tray and Cushion is a comfortable way for patients to comfortably eat and drink, while remaining in bed or on the couch. The tray is very light, meaning it's perfect for those who cannot handle too much weight. As well as dining, it's also ideal for reading, writing, hobbies and crafts.

Is it normal that I'm feeling fatigued?

Yes, it's perfectly normal. Cancer is exhausting. From the overload of information, to having surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the majority of patients with a cancer diagnosis feel a sense of fatigue at one stage or another.

Managing fatigue is, therefore, important. Nutrition plays a pivotal part in maintaining your strength and energy. Small changes such as staying in bed or on the couch to eat, will allow you to rest while encouraging you to eat.

Dimensions of the Aidapt Wooden Lap Tray with Cushion

  • Depth: 380mm
  • Height: 120mm
  • Width: 480mm
  • Product Dimensions: 120 x 480 x 380mm
  • Net weight: 0.7kg

Customer Reviews

  1. good tray

    PattySaturday, 26 January 2019

    It is good but a little bigger than I expected. I had another tray that finally started to lose its' pellets in the cushion. It was a little smaller and easier to store.

  2. Comfort

    JenjySunday, 09 December 2018

    Very good

  3. Great tray!

    GwenFriday, 21 September 2018

    This tray is quite attractive and light weight. I needed a lap tray that I could use for eating. Very comfortable and I'm pleased with this purchase. Thank you.

  4. It is perfect

    Susan CrosbySaturday, 21 July 2018

    Absolutely, the perfect tray for my husband, who is layed up. The food sits nicely on the tray. It has a lip for safety. It conforms to the lap. Never shifts. I didn't noticed, when I ordered, that it had a girly design. But my husband doesn't care. He is just happy to have something that works great for his meals.

  5. Wooden tray with lap cushion

    DanSunday, 03 June 2018

    First, let me say how much I appreciate the fact that you shipped the tray to me so promptly. As for the tray itself, I purchased it fo my mother-in-law, who lives with me and my wife. She loves it. Not only is it well made, but it is incredibly light. The weight of the tray is a major concern to my mother-in-law who will turn 94 on the 11th of this month, and for whom managing things in her invironment is often a trial due to her arthritis.

  6. Aidapt Wooden Lap Tray with Cushion

    CathySunday, 20 May 2018

    This is just such a handy, easily adjustable product. The bean bag bottom ensures that you can settle it steadily before eating. I'd definitely recommend it.

  7. Exactly As Advertised

    Ken DixonThursday, 19 April 2018

    I was impressed with the product, the price and the fast shipping.

  8. Perfect lap tray!

    HerbSaturday, 14 April 2018

    This lap tray is perfect in every way. A hard to find item was easily found on Live Better With. Thoroughly enjoying it and amazed at the reasonable price and rapid shipping from England! Showed it to a friend of mine and she immediately ordered the same item. Thank you.

  9. Comfort

    ValerieThursday, 29 March 2018

    I had been looking for a tray like this for some time and couldn't find them anywhere. As someone who mostly eats meals sitting in an armchair, I find the tray very useful. Having the cushioned bottom means that your tray is not at an angle on your knee so items on it are not sliding about. It is very good value and delivery was very prompt

  10. Aidapt Wooden Lap Tray with Cushion

    SteeleFriday, 02 March 2018

    Well made, and easy to look at since you used light coloured wood. Bigger than my old one, which was a nice surprise. Could use about twenty percent more cushion fill though. Could not find a tray like this anywhere on Amazon, any other site in North America so had to pay extra import duty. You got it to me in five days which was unbelievably quick. All said . . . . FIVE STARS !

  11. Aidapt Wooden Lap Tray with Cushion.

    Ken CookSaturday, 10 February 2018

    I purchased two of these items and it was accurately described and reviewed. It is so refreshing when things are truthful; unlike others these are good for purpose Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. Adiapt wooden lap tray with cushion

    VickyFriday, 02 February 2018

    Wonderful product for someone elderly who eats meals sitting in a chair. So lightweight. Also the handles and raised edges are a major plus. The cushioned bottom is comfortable and the amount of filling is just right. My 88 year old father was very pleased with it.

  13. lap tray

    BonnieSunday, 28 January 2018

    This tray is great! And very light so it's easy to handle. I put a piece of the rubber shelf covering on it and it holds my laptop, dishes etc without sliding.

  14. Perfect

    Gayle MoynierThursday, 18 January 2018

    Love these lap trays!

  15. balancing food

    margaret mccarthyThursday, 18 January 2018

    While this is not for a cancer patient, I find it a bonus for when my husband is too weak to come to the table for his meals. It seems to balance adequately on his lap, however, I haven't used it much since it arrived. I do think, however, that the material used in the cushion (not beans) is a little on the skimpy side.

  16. WOW

    Diane LetourneauMonday, 11 December 2017

    Think you for your implication

  17. adapt wooden lap tray

    margaretMonday, 30 October 2017

    This tray is perfect for anyone confined to bed and so comfortable to use. Very helpful having the raised sides and handles. Thank you very much

  18. Great product!!!

    NicoleWednesday, 05 April 2017

    I purchased 2 of these affordable trays for my children to use on road trips and they are perfect! They are large enough to eat on and do any activity or on-the-go craft. The car seats weren't a problem at all. They sat perfectly on top. And they also work great with no car seat, just sitting on the lap. They wipe clean very easily, and they raised sides are perfect so nothing rolls off. The trays are very lightweight, and the bean bag underneath seemed to be perfectly comfortable in their laps.

  19. Wooden lap tray with cushion

    LynneMonday, 06 March 2017

    Perfect love it very light weight .very pretty design

  20. Very useful item

    Sue MartinFriday, 19 February 2016

    Perfect gift for my parents, loved the fact that the sides of the tray are raised, stops spillages! Only down side is that the bean bag bottom cannot be detached to wash trays, but a minor problem on a good quality item,

  21. Excellent

    jiveFriday, 19 February 2016

    This cushion on which the tray rests, is a good thickness and rests on the lap comfortably. The handles at either side of the tray as very useful. I would recommend this to anyone.

  22. Practical and looks good

    MCFriday, 19 February 2016

    Really pleased with this purchase for my mother-in-law as not many laptrays offer handles for easy carrying. Originally was concerned about the lack of design choice - the picture looks a bit drab in the picture and the cushion sounds jazzy but I was really pleased when it arrived as both look great. The beans are sufficient to keep the tray well balanced on the lap and the handles are a great bonus for extra stability.