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Alhydran Scar Cream

Medical after care for skin affected by radiotherapy burns or surgery scars. Available with SPF 30.

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

For me it is the best scar cream, it left my skin flawless after 5 rounds of radiotherapy! I do and will always recommend radiotherapy patients to use this medical cream. I was left without any scars or burned skin around my neck area.

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  • Ingredients
  • How to use

About Alhydran Scar Cream

Alhydran scar cream is a clinically tested, concentrated scar care product which protects and speeds up healing of newly closed, delicate skin. Recommended by burns centres and hospitals across Europe for scars and radiotherapy burns [1].

  • Protects new skin and moisturises deeply, reducing dryness, itching and flaking
  • Restores skin’s suppleness and actively reduces appearance of burns and scars
  • High quality natural ingredients including fresh aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, vitamin E and vitamin C

Alhydran forms a protective layer on top of healing skin, shielding the newly formed outermost skin layer and encouraging it to heal faster. The moisturising ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin and restore suppleness, reducing tightness and itching during the healing process.

Developed and extensively tested by reconstruction experts in burns centres across Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, Alhydran is recommended by burn centres and hospitals across Europe for treating radiation burns and surgery scars acquired as part of cancer treatment.

Alhydran is metal-free, fragrance-free, pH-neutral, skin-friendly and is not tested on animals.

Which skin problems can Alhydran Scar Cream help with?

  • Radiotherapy burns
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Flaking
  • Old and new scars
  • Itching
  • Tightness
  • Age spots

Caring for skin after radiation therapy

If you’re going through radiotherapy as part of your cancer treatment, it’s likely that you’ll experience some localised skin irritation and damage in the area being treated. Chemotherapy can also affect your skin and cause itching, dryness and flakiness, and combined with the burning effect of radiation therapy, your skin can become very sore and delicate.

Finding a cream that relieves these symptoms can make a big difference to your quality of life whilst recovering, but there are a few things to bear in mind while undergoing radiation therapy:

  • Avoid products containing metal. Even tiny particles of metal can ‘etch’ themselves into your skin during radiotherapy and make soreness worse.
  • Choose something unscented and pH-neutral. Products should cause as little irritation to the skin as possible.
  • Do not apply to open wounds. Moist, open burns will heal quickly but should be bandaged, not treated with a cream.
  • Use extra sun protection. Healing skin is extra sensitive to sun damage, so keeping your skin covered when going outside (even in overcast weather) is essential to help the healing process. If you're not able to cover the area when going outside, use a cream with SPF - Alhydran SPF is designed especially for this purpose.
  • Always consult your doctor if you’re planning to use a cream during treatment. They may be familiar with Alhydran and recommend it, or they may decide it isn’t suitable for your particular course of treatment.
  • Alhydran Scar Cream is metal-free, unscented, and pH-neutral - making it the ideal solution for burned skin after radiotherapy, as well as tight, healing scar tissue after surgery.

What is the difference between Alhydran Scar Cream and Alhydran SPF?

Alhydran SPF contains all the benefits of regular Alhydran Scar Cream, but with the added sun protection factor of SPF 30. Alhydran SPF 30 protects against 97% of UVB rays, helping to keep vulnerable skin healthy and speed up the healing process.


What are the ingredients of Alhydran Scar Cream?

Alhydran Scar Cream Ingredients: Aruba Aloe vera gel, aqua, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cetearyl alcohol, decyl oleate, cetearyl isononoate, glyceryl stearate, PEG-20 glyceryl stearate, ceteareth-20, cetyl palmitate, sorbitan stearate, propylene glycol, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), jojoba oil, phenoxyethanol, caprilyl glycol, chlorphenesin, disodium EDTA.

How do I use Alhydran Scar Cream?

  • Apply at least three times daily, or when the skin feels itchy, dry or irritated.
  • Apply thinly and rub in gently until it is fully absorbed into the skin.
  • Do not apply on open wounds - if your radiation burn is serious enough that it is moist and still healing, it should be bandaged, not treated with a cream. Creams should only be used on healing, newly formed skin.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Customer Reviews

  1. Lovely cream, hopeful it will help my scar

    Frances ShemeldMonday, 02 July 2018

    I have only just started to use this cream after reading good reviews . I am finding it calming and soothing, I'm hopeing it will helps my scar fade but the fact it is great on redness and itching is enough for me, its soothing and seems to have a calming effect.

  2. Radiotherapy and ALHYDRAN; no skin damage at all!

    Giedre, 58Wednesday, 02 May 2018

    I used ALHYDRAN, during my breast conserving therapy. After 3 weeks of radiotherapy – having used Alhydran three times a day – there is absolutely no skin damage at all. A few times just a little redness but as soon as I put on Alhydran it disappeared. I have been told that you might see skin reaction up to two weeks after the radiotherapy stops, so I am still using Alhydran with very good result. A positive side effect has been, that the scar from the lumpectomy (breast conserving therapy) has become almost “invisible” during the weeks using Alhydran.”

  3. I am really enthusiastic!

    – Marie – LouiseWednesday, 02 May 2018

    After a breast conserving surgery, we were all very happy because my tumor was removed. Unfortunately, an ugly scar was left on my body, it was a thick, red and lumpy scar. The pharmacy assistant of the department of radiotherapy told me about ALHYDRAN. After using the scar cream for two months and two times a day, my scar is almost gone. Its unbelievable!

  4. ALHYDRAN after radiotherapy

    AlmaWednesday, 02 May 2018

    That I ordered ALHYDRAN several times means I am very pleased with the product. I started with ALHYDRAN after a seven-week radiotherapy treatment. During the radiotherapy my skin got very damaged, leaving the skin with open wounds. The hospital recommended me a gel, which should heal the wounds. However, the skin kept producing wound fluid. I read on the internet about a cream called ALHYDRAN, which I ordered online. From that moment the wound fluid formation stopped. I use ALHYDRAN for a couple of months now and the skin is healed. The skin is still a little bit darker at the location where I got radiotherapy. I am very happy with the cream and the result.

  5. My scar is barely noticeable anymore!

    IreneWednesday, 02 May 2018

    It’s a very good scar cream!! A few months ago I had a surgery for skin cancer in my face. Immediately after the wound was closed and the stitches were removed I started with the ALHYDRAN SPF30, a scar cream with sun protector. I absolutely didn’t want my scar to discolor from the sun! I use it daily, as a day cream. The first month I used the scar cream a few times a day. When I had the feeling my scar would feel really tight or started itching I used the cream as well. Now its almost three months ago and you can barely see the scar!! Of course the dermatologist also stitched the scar really nice together (the scar is 4cm long). But also thanks to ALHYDRAN it became a scar that is barely noticeable. I keep using it, and I am for the next years really careful with the sun. I can recommend it to everyone. The cream smears really good, so a 59ml tube is very cost-effective and lasts for a long time. I can recommend it for everyone! It’s a pleasant day cream with a high sun protector. I also have a sensitive skin, but with this cream I have no problems.

  6. Amazing cream after my radiation therapy

    Ms Van BoekelWednesday, 02 May 2018

    I have used already one and a half tube of ALHYDRAN(250ml). The cream is really good during and after the radiotherapy and operations. Plus, the cream decreased the visibility of my scars. I will keep using ALHYDRAN.

  7. Using ALHYDRAN after my radiation

    Mrs van WirdumWednesday, 02 May 2018

    I like the cream very much. After my radiation, my skin didn’t bother me, my skin stayed supple, and the dark discolourations is now going away. The scars are also healing nicely, and I think this is because of the Alhydran cream. The cream spreads nicely, and you don’t have to use a lot of it. Alhydran is a bit more expensive than other creams, but it’s certainly worth the investment.

  8. The side effects after radiation

    RiaWednesday, 02 May 2018

    After radiation treatments for breast cancer, one of the side effects was that I got dry, red and even brown skin. The hospital told me that I could only use the pads they had given me. The only thing that these pads did was ensure that my clothing didn’t chafe over the spots. When I had started with Alhydran, it didn’t itch anymore, and the burnt skin came off, so I got my own skin back. When I told my doctor about this during a check-up, she said that they used this cream in the old days too, but not anymore, because it’s no longer insured. The pads I have received (with a value of about €90) are covered by insurance. I can really recommend this cream to everyone with the same kind of problems. It’s very much worth the purchase price!

  9. The best cream against scars

    DelilahWednesday, 02 May 2018

    Before my planned C-section, I went on Google for the best cream against scars, and I ended up with you. I have requested a sample, and I liked it a lot. I started using it the third day after my C-section. I was convinced miracles didn’t exist, but it couldn’t hurt. Only a couple of hours after I had applied the cream, I felt its effect on the wound, and the feeling of burning and tension was gone. I called the pharmacy right away, and they didn’t have the cream there, but they could order it. The next day I received it. Now, half a year later, the wound has healed very well and there’s no redness. I have just finished the tube, I bought 250 ml and it lasts a long time. And it really works! Thank you, I am soooo pleased with it!

  10. The radiation clinic suggest Alhydran

    NellWednesday, 02 May 2018

    At the suggestion of the radiation clinic, I started using Alhydran in March, for the burns and scars on my skin, caused by the radiation. During my seven months of intensive wound care with periods of skin damage because of things such as plasters and tape of the vacuum pump, Alhydran was also a faithful companion. I am very pleased with this cream, it spreads out well, it doesn’t stick and isn’t too fat. I still use Alhydran 2x a day, to keep my scars and skin supple. In short: I am very satisfied with the Alhydran cream; it also helps against itchy insect bites.

  11. The best cream during radiation!

    Martell, The NetherlandsWednesday, 02 May 2018

    Right after the radiation (breast cancer) I started using Alhydran. The Radiotherapy Centre in Hoorn had given me a few ‘samples’ because the pain and itch became unbearable after I had used Cetomacrogol, and I had sleepless nights, which isn’t ‘practical’ during 5 weeks of radiation! After having used Alhydran for a few days, I tried Cetomacrogol again, even if it was only to see if Alhydran really helped. In ‘no time’ the pain came back, and the pain got so bad that I almost started hyperventilating. I washed the Cetomacrogol off with cold water and applied Alhydran right away, and it’s just so soothing that nothing can compete, because a lot of other prescribed products only do more damage to your skin if you use them every day! Afterwards the skin will heal, and the fat content will be restored, but this wonderful product can help against the pain and the itching. At the moment, Alhydran is the most important thing to me.

  12. No scars or burned skin of radiotherapy

    anonymousWednesday, 02 May 2018

    To me it is the best medical cream that left my skin flawless after 5 rounds of radiotherapy! I do and will always recommend radiotherapy patients to use this medical cream. I was left without any scars or burned skin around my neck area.