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OLD Bamboo Duvet Cover

Made from super-soft, breathable, and naturally antibacterial bamboo fabric.

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

Since my treatment, I'm a big fan of bamboo everything - bamboo hats, bamboo pyjamas, and especially bamboo bedding as its so breathable. It stays fresh for longer and it's just so soft.

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About OLD Bamboo Duvet Cover

This hypoallergenic bamboo duvet cover, with its unique thermo-regulating properties and super-soft texture, is the ultimate gift for someone recovering from cancer treatment. Available in fresh white or cool mint.

  • Naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and odour-resistant - ideal for someone with a weakened immune system
  • Super-soft texture is perfect for sore, irritated skin from radiotherapy or chemo side effects
  • Moisture-wicking bamboo fabric keeps you cool and dry through bed rest and night sweats.

There are plenty of reasons to love bamboo bedding, especially if you're going through cancer treatment. Super soft bamboo fabric is to cotton what cashmere is to wool – more cosy, more luxurious, and just a little more likely to make you say 'ooooh' every time you slip into bed. 

Bamboo is also breathable and temperature regulating – so it keeps you cool when you're hot, and warm when you're chilly. It's this property that makes it particularly perfect for someone going through cancer, as many people have trouble regulating their body temperature as a side effect of chemotherapy or other treatments.

Bamboo fibre contains a natural antimicrobial agent called 'bamboo kun', which makes the fabric resistant to bacteria, mould, fungus and odour - even after multiple washes. If you or a loved one has a weakened immune system due to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other cancer treatments like immunotherapy, an antibacterial fabric like bamboo is a perfect choice.

Bamboo fibre also contains a protein that our bodies can easily recognise, making it far less likely to irritate the skin than other materials. These hypoallergenic properties make it ideal for someone recovering from surgery, radiotherapy burns, or suffering with itchy, dry skin as a side effect of chemo.

The fabric of our bamboo duvet cover is 41% more absorbent than cotton. It wicks moisture away from the skin, helping to prevent chills and keep you feeling comfortably dry, even if you're going through hot flushes as a side effect of treatment.

What is the Bamboo Duvet Cover made from?

Our Bamboo Duvet Cover is made from 95% bamboo, 5% lycra.

What size is the Bamboo Duvet Cover?

The Bamboo Duvet Cover is a double, and comes with 2 standard pillowcases.

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