Bamboo Wig Liner

An essential accessory for wearing under wigs, headscarves and hats.

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Why Bamboo?
Natural fibres
Super soft texture
Regulates temperature
Naturally antibacterial
Absorbs moisture
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About Bamboo Wig Liner

Our Bamboo Wig Liner is an incredibly soft, lightweight liner that protects your scalp when wearing wigs, headscarves and hats. If your scalp is irritated by the seams or material on your hat, headcover or wig, a soft, breathable bamboo liner means you can keep wearing your favourite style without compromising on comfort.

  • Incredibly soft, lightweight bamboo fabric - thin enough to discreetly line a wig or headscarf without extra bulk
  • Naturally antibacterial bamboo fibres help protect your scalp from irritation and infection
  • Breathable, temperature-regulating fabric - keeps your scalp cool and dry
  • Suitable for lining wigs, headscarves, and hats

Many people who lose their hair through cancer treatment often wear wigs, however without a liner this can often be uncomfortable and irritate the scalp.

Why we recommend bamboo wig liners 

Bamboo is one of our favourite products here at Live Better With. You just can't beat bamboo fabric when you're going through cancer treatment - we think it's a bit of a miracle material, especially for wig liners and chemo hats.

Bamboo fabric helps with temperature control - the breathable material keeps your head cool in hot weather, but insulates you when you need a little extra warmth.

Bamboo wig liners are moisture-wicking, like some fitness clothing - they draw moisture away from your scalp, keeping your skin fresh and dry for longer.

Bamboo fibres are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so your bamboo headwear stays fresher for longer, and your scalp is less prone to infection.

Perhaps most importantly, we recommend bamboo wig liners because they're incredibly soft to the touch. If your scalp is sensitive and you're going through hair loss after chemo, radiation or surgery, you deserve a little extra luxury.

Bamboo Wig Liner FAQs

Why do wigs get itchy?

The skin on the scalp can be a bit more sensitive than other parts of the body because it has had hair there to protect it. 

Irritation and itchiness is caused if your scalp is sensitive to the fabric or glue used in the wig. Scalps naturally sweat too, so itchiness can occur if there is a buildup of sweat underneath the wig. 

How does the Bamboo Wig Liner reduce itchiness?

The Bamboo Wig Liner decreases itchiness by providing a layer between your scalp the and wig. As the Bamboo Wig Liner has antibacterial properties it won’t irritate your scalp, being absorbent it also takes any sweat away which can also be a cause of itchiness.

What is this wig liner made of?

These bamboo wig liners are made of 95% bamboo, 5% lycra.

What wig liners are best for cancer patients?

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy to the head can leave your skin feeling sensitive. Excess sweat caused by wigs can lead to irritation and itchiness, which can be further exacerbated by sensitive scalps. 

Wig liners made from synthetic materials are not very breathable, which can lead to more sweating and further overheating. And cotton, although breathable, is not very absorbent, so will cause the scalp to itch when the sweat dries. 

Wig liners made out of Bamboo fabric are soft, so will not initially irritate the scalp, have antibacterial properties, so will reduce any itchiness caused by bacteria, and are very absorbent so will wick excess sweat away before it causes a problem. 

Do I need to wear a bamboo wig liner?

Not necessarily. Some people tolerate wigs without liners, especially if they are only wearing them for a period of time every now and again. However, if you are planning on wearing your wig for longer periods (over two hours), and regularly, then it is a good idea to wear your wig with a bamboo wig liner.  This will ensure that bacteria does not build up in your wig, which can cause itchiness and irritation. 

Customer Reviews

  1. Bamboo Wig Liner

    SueThursday, 03 January 2019

    Fits well and is not visible under short wig. Makes wearing it much more comfortable, and much less itchy

  2. Wig liner

    Pauline WiggintonSaturday, 25 August 2018

    Kept my wig in place better than the nylon one provided by wig supplier.

  3. Very comfortable

    ChristineFriday, 17 August 2018

    Very pleased with the Bamboo wig liner, it really makes a difference

  4. very comfortable

    caroleMonday, 06 August 2018

    great service will be back to look at more products

  5. it is very cool to wear and not itchy at all

    Paula WalkerFriday, 20 July 2018

    I like the product much better than regular wig caps

  6. New Bamboo cap

    MargaretSunday, 24 June 2018

    I feel cooler without sweat running down my neck! The cap does get wet but is easily washed and dried.

  7. Greater comfort

    JanetThursday, 14 June 2018

    Lovely fabric

  8. Very comfortable and easy to wear.

    Paula PhillipsFriday, 11 May 2018

    Fast delivery - excellent service.

  9. Very comfortable!

    Denise BarberetThursday, 15 February 2018

    These are great little wig liners, and are very comfortable. I've been wearing wigs for about 8 months now, and it's very easy to "do my hair"! I pull on the liner, and then pull the wig over it and adjust it into place. With the wig liner it just makes my "hair" feel very secure.

  10. Comfortable

    RimMonday, 02 October 2017

    Very comfortable to wear under my wig. Soft and did not overheat my scalp. I wore for a few hours without problems

  11. Comfortable to wear

    CarolynSunday, 20 August 2017

    The wig liner that I was given with the hospital wig was extremely tight and I could not tolerate it. The bamboo liner fits very well without being tight and I have worn it all day with no discomfort.... Thanks very much!

  12. Comfortable to wear

    CarolynSunday, 20 August 2017

    The wig liner that I was given with the hospital wig was extremely tight and I could not tolerate it. The bamboo liner fits very well without being tight and I have worn it all day with no discomfort.... Thanks very much!

  13. Very comfortable and soft

    GillSaturday, 15 July 2017

    Very helpful to have something that you feel happy wearing.

  14. Instant relief

    Jayne DandySaturday, 01 July 2017

    Had a very sore itchy scalp due to chemo, couldn't tolerate any head wear at all BUT this amazing fabric and design of these little hats have changed everything for me. They are so light, breathable and the designer has really thought about the construction of the seams, which was. Real bone of contention for me with other hats. It doesn't irritate my scalp at all .... going to look at the full range of bamboo headwear now.

  15. Very comfortable and cool

    Judith BurrowsSaturday, 17 June 2017

    Really helpful and good to wear.

  16. Bamboo wig liner

    AJMonday, 08 May 2017

    Lovely material and very comfortable

  17. No more headackes

    GinnyFriday, 28 April 2017

    I really like this wig liner. I don't know if it's cooler than the one that came with my wig but it is certainly more comfortable.

  18. Bambo wig liner

    FaySaturday, 22 April 2017

    I order this proud before going to hospital to have my chemo, this liner for using under wig I have not used yet as I want to use it after I lost all my hair and when I will be ready to use my wig but end up to give one of the pair to my next room at hospital that was having the same treatment like me, she was so pleased with this liner hat as it is really soft and comfortable to use. At Guys hospital there is a cancer center but the material they are selling is not pure cotton and beautiful like this one.

  19. Comfort

    Jenny PatchSunday, 16 April 2017

    These wig liners are great to make wearing a wig much more comfortable.

  20. Great product!

    JudithWednesday, 01 June 2016

    These wig liners really helped me while wearing my wigs and my hats. They are much more comfortable than the other ones I have found. Thanks !