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Bedtime Bliss Sleeping Mask

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

I tried many sleep masks but they were all very uncomfortable. I was very pleased when I found a mask with eye contours. I sleep much better now.

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About Bedtime Bliss Sleeping Mask

***Please note this product is out of stock until further notice***
The Bedtime Bliss Sleeping Mask is soft and comfortable and will help you to block out disturbing light so that you can sleep soundly during and after cancer treatment. 
Key benefits:
  • Eye mask blocks out disturbing light
  • Soft padding is contoured around your nose - so nothing presses on your eyes
  • Comes with earplugs and travel case, so you can easily block out disturbing sounds
Many people face problems with sleeping during and after cancer treatment. Eye masks can help greatly by blocking out disturbing light sources. The eye mask is contoured around the nose, which provides a comfortable fit and helps to block more light than conventional eye mask styles. The eye mask also comes with adjustable straps for a firm, precise fit. The Bedtime Bliss Sleeping Mask comes with a set of earplugs to help block out disturbing noises so that light and sound won't be a frustration. Both the eye mask and earplugs come with a travel case so it can be taken with you to the hospital. 

Product FAQs

How can those living with cancer benefit from the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask?

Cancer diagnosis and treatment can make getting to sleep and staying asleep difficult. Once the mind has been cleared, it is easier to get to sleep, but outside distractions such as light and noise can cause your mind to wake up. 

The Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask has a contoured nose shape and is easily fitted to ensure light does not come through. Darkness can tell your mind and body that it is sleep time, and help you naturally drift off to sleep without the distractions of light.

The Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask also comes with two foam ear plugs to help decrease noise levels as well. This can be very beneficial for those needing to stay in the hospital, as hospital can produce a range of distracting noises, especially during the night as nurses still need to check on your and others you may be sharing a room with. 

Natural sleep patterns can improve mood, energy levels and appetite. All of which can make living with cancer a little bit easier. 

How does the Bedtime Bliss Sleeping Mask differ to other sleep masks?

Firstly, the sleeping mask comes in a travel case, making it easily transportable. Secondly, inside the travel case, are two foam ear plugs. The ear plugs can be placed inside the ear to help reduce noise; allowing you to fall asleep quicker. 

The sleep mask is made from a super soft fabric and has two adjustable straps, so will fit most, and allow for a snug contoured fit. 

How do I use it?

  • To use the earplugs, gently press them into your years. 
  • To use the eye mask, place the mask over your head and around your eyes.
  • Adjust the strap at the back of the head to achieve a comfortable fit. 

Customer Reviews

  1. Sleep - Eithne Curbishley, Tuesday, 02 May 2017

    This mask certainly helps, comfortable and blacks out the light. Easy to wear.

  2. There are eye masks and eye masks - this one is worthy of serious consideration! - I C., Sunday, 11 October 2015

    I've had my fair share of, frankly, very poor eye masks. They usually don't seal around the eyes very well and tend to move too readily. However no such experience here. The shape, rather like a mini 'bra', actually results in the edges fitting more snugly against the face and temples, even around the bridge of the nose area. I find these very comfortable indeed, and like the almost wetsuit-like quality of material. It feels like it'll last well. It's very compact and neat indeed. You just need to fold the mask in half to get it into the bag, and with a fairly tight fit it's not going to slip around, or the earplugs drop out. The headband is adjustable by way of Velcro, although possesses a little elasticity too of course. But this ensures it fits all a manner or head sizes, and moreover with adequate strength. Had it not been adjustable it would have had to be very elasticated to accommodate larger heads, in which case the elastic would pretty soon fail. No such problems forecast here because of the thought that's gone into the design. So 5 stars for this product without a doubt!

  3. Great mask for a good night's sleep - Michael M., Saturday, 10 October 2015

    I've been using this eye mask for a couple of weeks now after receiving an item in return for a review. I was especially pleased with this because I have a rather bright bedroom with inadequate blinds covering the windows and living in a large city, resulting in the room never actually being in total darkness - that's before we consider internal light sources that come from items plugged into the power sockets and such in my room. I've never used an eye-mask before, and so don't have anything to compare this to, but I find it very comfortable to wear overnight. It fastens securely and comfortably to your head by use of a couple of Velcro, elasticated straps; however I lie in bed and turn throughout the night they remain in place and undisruptive, which is great. Though the eye mask fits over your eyes, the padding and design ensures it does not touch your eyes. This means I can actually open my eyes while wearing this product if I need to, and I understand that this is beneficial for REM sleep. Unfortunately this item does not quite get 5 stars, and that is due to one minor item which is that there is a slight light leak around the nose area. I think this would be dependent on who is wearing the mask and the shape of your face and features, so it may not be an issue for the majority of people; I have a rather thin bridge of my nose so is just means the mask has very small gaps in this area. Having a nap during the day is really the only time this is noticeable in a disruptive way; in the past I would need to bury my head under the duvet though, so using this mask has made a remarkable improvement. A really good product, and I just love waking up in the morning and not knowing just how bright it is until I take the mask off; I certainly sleep better because of this product.

  4. like the kind that wraps around your whole head - B, Friday, 09 October 2015

    I'm not usually a reviewer type, but it's been a long hard slog for me as a nightshift worker to get SLEEP and this eye mask did it. I have tried lots of others and even well reviewed ones, like the kind that wraps around your whole head, did not work for me. They let light in, slipped off eyes during the night, or in the case of the head-wrapping sort, had to be so tight to stop the light that your eyeballs hurt and vision was fuzzy in the morning. I was at the point of thinking I'd have to somehow find £700 to get proper full block-out blinds for my bedroom. Then I thought, I'll try one more time with an eye mask. It works. Blocks out all light - like other reviewers I did think it was going to let light in around the nose, but I just shifted the mask around a bit and found the perfect placement. Also comfortable. And stays put. I can sleep in til noon in a room where light pours in and I don't notice a thing. Thrilled!

  5. A good buy for a good sleep in light or bright conditions. - K. W., Thursday, 08 October 2015

    This is a very lightweight sleepmask formed from a polyester-coated foam, best described as rather like bra cups(!!) which is exceptionally comfortable to wear. Unlike too many sleepmasks, the preformed eye-cup shape means it fits perfectly over the eyes and it's possible to open/close the eyes without eyelashes rubbing on the mask - which can be very uncomfortable. It's a generous size to fit all adults and there is no light seepage as you get with some of the narrower masks and no light sneaks in under the moulded shaped nose either. It is fully adjustable to fit all sizes thanks to an elasticated headband with velcro fastener, and it can be hand washed without losing its shape.