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Both Sides of the Bedside

From Oncology Nurse to Patient, an RN's Journey with Cancer, by Christine Magnus Moore

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"This book is an excellent, intimate view of how hard it is to battle cancer, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Also addressed are the struggles of the family and caregivers of those of us with cancer. It also helps readers to understand that the fight does not end at the conclusion of treatment. There is no cure for cancer. There is remission, NED, no evidence of disease, but no assurance that it will not return. We still need to keep fighting and supporting and raising funds to find a CURE for cancer. I am also a nurse who cared for pediatric oncology patients in the beginning of my career after battling a rare ethmoid sinus and cribiform plate chondrosarcoma that recurred 7 times in two years when I was 5 years old. I then went on to be a pediatric and urology nurse practitioner, still occasionally interacting with pediatric oncology patients. Then at 47 years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer and other issues as a likely result of the radiation I received as a child. Cancer never leaves you alone once it has invaded your body/life. The poisons and toxicities that are required to get to remission/NED are just that, toxins and poisons and there are side effects forever. Christine has done an amazing job of sharing intimately what the battle is like in the thick of it, but also what it entails long after the intense part is over and the low grade battle continues. She is using this experience to raise awareness and support people with cancer in many ways that are very effective and worthwhile in non profits, support groups and fundraisers. Thank you Christine for this book. I read it just before and after my last surgery for my current cancer and it was the perfect book. I appreciate your efforts and support and honest."

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About Both Sides of the Bedside

Christine Magnus Moore had been an oncology nurse for many years, when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Christine describes her journey through cancer and its side effects from both a professional and personal perspective. She emerges a cancer survivor and gains a much greater understanding of her patients. 

Key benefits

  • Shows both a professional and personal perspective
  • An extremely honest book showing both the highs and lows of her treatment

A 2013 award winner for outstanding memoir by the Southern California Writer's Conference

Customer Reviews

  1. Book

    JessieThursday, 30 June 2016

    Fantastic book really felt I learnt a lot and was so engaged with her story. I was hooked from the get go