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Buzzy for Injections

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

Any parent who has to watch their child being injected knows how distressing it is to see them in pain. I am so glad we purchased a Buzzy to help improve this!

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About Buzzy for Injections

Some treatment for cancer and its site affects involves injections. When the body is already feeling very sensitive multiple injections can be even more unpleasant. Buzzy is a vibrating bee with ice pack wings that decreases sharp pain when placed upstream from where the needle is inserted for an injection.  

Buzzy uses natural pain relief by confusing your body's own nerves and distracting attention away from the needle poke, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp pain. It is a useful tool that helps alleviate pain and is helpful for both adults and children who are afraid of needles. 

Each Buzzy comes with two self-attaching reusable single patient soft wing, instructions and batteries.

Key benefits

  • Decreases sharp pain from needles and injections 
  • Natural source of pain relief
  • Suitable for children and adults

How do I use it?

Hold Buzzy on the site for about 30 seconds before the injection. Even with Buzzy there will be dull touch sensations (those are transmitted on different nerves that Buzzy doesn't block) so use distraction questions to entertain and pull attention away. After 30 seconds move Buzzy up from the injection spot about an inch, keep pressing Buzzy onto the skin and perform the injection.

Customer Reviews

  1. What a brilliant product

    Lydia DonaldsonWednesday, 16 November 2016

    During one stage of my treatment I was having regular injections. Not liking needles at the best of times I was finding it hard to cope when feeling somewhat like a pin cushion. The buzzy is a great companion to have and I would suggest getting it if you struggle with needles (whether you are old or young!)