Carun Active Hemp Ointment - 100ml

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

I suffer with psoriasis badly on my hands and have used many prescription ointments but with no relief. I started using the Active Hemp Ointment and within less than a week my skin was healed and soft! I am amazed and thoroughly recommend this product

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About Carun Active Hemp Ointment - 100ml

Carun Active Hemp Ointment is a highly effective, naturally antibacterial barrier cream for soothing and healing sore, sensitive skin. The hemp plant extract contained in the ointment contains naturally active compounds, and is highly valued for its healing and soothing properties.

  • With natural hemp extract - known for its highly effective healing properties [1]
  • Soothes, protects, and heals dry, damaged and sensitive skin
  • Naturally antibacterial effect - helps prevent infection and encourages healthy healing
  • Free from perfumes, sulphates, parabens, colourings and preservatives¬†

Carun Active Hemp Ointment also contains virgin olive oil and a blend of natural essential oils such as mint, lemon and lavender, known for their soothing, naturally antibacterial properties.

Carun Active CBD Hemp Ointment Ingredients

Olive Fruit Oil, Purified Petrolatum, Hemp Leaf and Stem Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Lemon Oil, Mint Oil, Lavender Oil.

How to use Carun Active Hemp Ointment

Apply sparingly to the desired area and gently massage into the skin.

Customer Reviews

  1. dry skin gone!

    damian robertsSunday, 02 December 2018

    I have only been using this ointment for 3 days and what a difference already! I suffer from eczema and have tried all sorts of creams including from my doctor but this is great! my skin is now soft and flakiness has gone. love it!