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Yes, in the majority of cases your hair will grow back. The damage to the cells caused by chemotherapy is not permanent, so once the chemotherapy leaves your system, your hair should start to grow back. 

It usually takes around two months after treatment has finished to start seeing proper growth. There are products that can help stimulate hair growth, but you may find these contain chemicals that can irritate your scalp, so it's best to use them once you've finished treatment and your skin has started repairing itself.

There are many different types of chemotherapy, and people also receive different strengths of chemotherapy depending on their age, mode of treatment and outcomes. Although hair loss is a common side effect of chemo, not all people will experience it. And some may experience different kinds of hair loss (for example only in their eyebrows), while others may experience the full extent of hair loss.

Hair loss can be difficult to predict, so it is always best to prepare for the fact that you may lose your hair, rather than finding yourself 'caught' if it does occur.

Hair is meant to protect the skin. When the skin loses it, it can become more sensitive, especially if it has not been exposed to the elements before. Sensitive skin is at greater risk of becoming dry and irritated, especially is using harsh products. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can also cause the skin to become extra sensitive to products. 

Using natural or organic products that don't contain chemicals can help reduce irritation to the scalp. Additionally, products that are hydrating are generally preferable.


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