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Cotton Indoor Sleep Hat

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

When I was losing my hair I always found I liked wearing a soft hat around my home - it kept me warm and it was comforting. I also wore it to sleep, and it caught any falling hairs so I didn't wake up with hairs all over my pillow.  

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About Cotton Indoor Sleep Hat

The Cotton Indoor Sleep Hat is lightweight and comfortable; perfect for wearing during sleep. This hat can be used to catch loose falling hairs so that they don't end up on your pillow. 

Key benefits: 

  • The Cotton Indoor Sleep Hat is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane
  • Soft on the scalp; won't irritate tender skin
  • Helps to keep the head warm
  • Catches any loose falling hairs
  • One size fits most head shapes
  • Features a beautiful lace trim

When hair loss occurs due to cancer treatment, many people prefer to cover their head for a number of reasons, including being cold. This Cotton Sleep Hat is very stylish and comfortable to wear and provide total head coverage. The hat also doubles as a catch-all for stray hairs, so that you can avoid waking up to a startling amount of hair on your pillow. 

The soft, stretchy fabric gives a snug and secure fit which can be easily slipped on over the head for wearing indoors, and when sleeping to catch loose hair. 

Product FAQs

Why should I wear a hat?

If you are undergoing chemotherapy you might experience one of the most common side effects; hair loss. Hats can be a good friend! It’s always important to protect yourself from harmful sun rays, but even indoors you might want to wear something warm and comfortable. A lightweight cotton beanie hat is especially good when it comes to sensitive skin. Cotton fabric is breathable and comfortable and tends to stay on a smooth scalp better than nylon or polyester. It’s also stretchy, so it will always provide a custom fit.

How should I choose a beanie hat?

You should always make sure the hats you wear are made of a soft fabric. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton and bamboo are less irritating than man-made fibres such as polyester. A soft cotton sleep hat is an excellent choice for its lightweight, stretchy fabric provides a snug and secure fit, allowing you to sleep comfortably while keeping you warm at night. If we're picking a beanie the we're going to wear to bed, it is also a good idea to pick a lightweight fabric in order to avoid your scalp to sweat excessively, which could lead to irritation and itchiness, and ultimately wake you up.

Why do some hats make my head itchy?

Itchiness is usually a consequence of wearing a hat for a long period of time. If you do wear a hat for a long time, you may find that the skin on your scalp becomes somewhat sweaty. if the sweat builds up enough, your scalp might become irritable and itchy. Some materials, like certain wools, can tickle your scalp - contributing to the effect. Women who choose to wear indoor hats find the cotton fabric of this beanie to be breathable, which helps to prevent itchiness.

Should I wear my cap to sleep?

There are a few good reasons why you would want to wear a cotton beanie to sleep. Sleep caps are good for cold winter nights because they help keep your body warm. Moreover, hair on your pillow can prove to be a nuisance by waking you up at night and making you itchy. Wearing a soft cotton beanie can help to prevent this. Also, being reminded every morning of your hair loss can impair your mood and make you feel down. A stylish women’s cap might just help you retain some of that confidence (which we know is so important).

Why choose indoor hats?


Wigs or beanies are both great for head coverage, but sometimes all you’re really after is something soft and comfy to change into at the end of the day.  Indoor hats can provide just that.  Whether you’re at home, in the hospital, or simply looking for something comfortable to sleep in, this Cotton Sleep Hat is made especially for sensitive skin.  Made from 100% cotton, it’s both lightweight, breathable and snug.  In this way, indoor hats are great for helping you stay warm if you’re suffering from cold sensitivity, without the itchiness of heavier hats.


If you’re suffering hair loss as a side effect from cancer treatments, it can be disheartening to wake up and find hairs on the pillow.  Many of our community have found sleeping in indoor hats comfortable, and also helpful to catch loose hairs overnight.

Customer Reviews

  1. Close fitting

    Val ButlerTuesday, 03 July 2018

    Because I am only 4ft 11 hats are usually too big but this is a perfect fit as is the scarf I bought.

  2. Comfortable

    JoanThursday, 18 January 2018


  3. Great for wearing to bed and for wearing under another scarf/hat for warmth

    Sue Wednesday, 03 January 2018

    Need more colors

  4. Sleep hat

    Linda PerryThursday, 21 December 2017

    I didn’t find it very comfortable due to the seams.

  5. Comfortable

    RimMonday, 02 October 2017

    Good size and lovely soft feel

  6. Good for hair collection!

    Veronica ZundelSaturday, 29 July 2017

    This doesn't suit me at all but hey! I only wear it at night, it's comfortable and not hot, and does a great job of keeping fallen-out hair off the pillow. I suspect it will also be useful when I have no more hair and may feel a bit cold at night.

  7. Sleep Hat

    GinnyFriday, 28 April 2017

    This hat is very soft & comfortable. The only thing is I wish it was just a little bit bigger. I like hats that cover my ears & this does not. The fit around is perfect.

  8. Hat

    JanieTuesday, 05 July 2016

    Great hat for when I just can't bear with the wig. Super comfy and soft