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Elasto-Gel Hypothermia Cooling Cap/Cold Cap for Hair Loss Cap

Scalp cooling helps reduce hair loss from chemotherapy

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"I used the cold caps and got to keep my hair. I know it does not work for everyone but I must say I am pleased with the result in my case." 

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About Elasto-Gel Hypothermia Cooling Cap/Cold Cap for Hair Loss Cap

*** Please note that this cooling cap will come in a black colour not blue as pictured ***

The Elasto-Gel Hypothermia Cooling Cap can help reduce hair loss or hair thinning that is caused by chemotherapy.

Elasto-Gel Key Features

  • Highly effective in 50-65% of women
  • Safe, comfortable, and reusable
  • Remains flexible and stretchable when frozen
  • No more than 30 minutes per application
  • Easy-adjust chin strap for the perfect fit
  • Product weight - 2.5lbs. Made in the USA.

Cold Caps Information

Scalp Cooling works by chilling and contracting the blood vessels to the scalp. When the blood vessels are narrowed, fewer chemotherapy drugs are carried to the hair follicles. At the same time, exposure to cold can slow down cell growth in your follicles. This means that your follicles are less likely to be affected by the chemotherapy drugs and your hair is more likely to be preserved.

There are some scalp cooling systems that work using coolant gel. The cooling cap is attached to a refrigeration machine that circulates this gel over the course of your treatment.

The Elasto-Gel Cap works differently - like a big ice pack. The cooling cap is kept in a freezer right up until it is worn. Over the course of your chemotherapy session, the cap will thaw. Depending on the length of your treatment, you might find that it is necessary to change caps in order to keep your scalp cold. 

Two studies recently published by the Journal of American Medicinal Association found that 50-65% of women who used Scalp Cooling during treatment found it "highly effective".

Scalp cooling can reduce hair loss, but your hair may thin, or you may still lose it completely. Talk to your doctor about whether scalp cooling is suitable for you.

***Please note this product is for personal use only***


 Scalp cooling is not suitable in the following circumstances:

  • If you have a haematological cancer such as myeloma, leukaemia or lymphoma.
  • If you are having high doses of chemotherapy.
  • If you are having continuous chemotherapy for several days.
  • If your liver isn't working well.
  • If you have severe migraines.
  • If you did not use scalp cooling during your first course of chemotherapy.

How do I use the Elasto-Gel Cap?

You will need to keep your head cold before, during and after treatment. There are two methods of scalp cooling:

1. A ‘cold cap’, which is filled with a chilled gel.

2. A refrigerated cooling system, which pumps liquid coolant through a cap.


This cooling cap uses the first method.

To use: 20 minutes before your treatment begins, remove the cap from the freezer and fit it to your scalp using the adjustable strap. Ensure that the cold cap is affixed to your scalp at least 15 minutes before your chemotherapy treatment starts. Keep the cold cap on for the duration of your treatment, and for 15 minutes after your treatment has ended. If the treatment is longer than 45 minutes, you may want to have a second cap on-hand to help keep your scalp cold. Many people find that it's necessary to switch their cold caps after 30 minutes. Make sure to keep extra caps frozen until needed. 

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