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Gynomunal Vaginal Moisturising Gel 50ml

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About Gynomunal Vaginal Moisturising Gel 50ml

Gynomunal® is a vaginal moisturising gel containing natural hop extract – a source of phytoestrogens – long thought to be beneficial for gynaecological conditions.

Gynomunal® also contains Vitamin E which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Gynomunal®’s liposomal formulation also contains hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance – that provides a protective film for damaged tissues as well as providing long-lasting hydration.


Hop extract (Humulus lupulus), tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E), purified water, propylene glycol, denatured ethanol, soya lecithin (E322), carbomer, methyl/4/hydroxybenzoate (E219), cholesterol, imidazolidinylurea, triethanolamine, sodium edetate, hyaluronic acid, propyl/4/hydroxybenzoate (E217).

How do I use it?

Use Gynomunal once every day for the first seven days and then twice a week. It is preferable to apply Gynomunal at night/time but you can use it whenever you wish and you can safely use Gynomunal more frequently if you need to.

Apply Gynomunal by using the specially designed applicator that allows you to apply Gynomunal gel exactly where it is needed in your vagina.

  1. Carefully wash your hands before using Gynomunal. Remove the cap from the tube and use the cap to pierce the sealed end of the tube before first use.
  2. Screw the open end of a clean applicator onto the nozzle of the tube.
  3. Gently squeeze the tube so that the piston inside the applicator begins to move and the applicator begins to fill with gel. You can gently pull on the piston if this helps. The piston will stop moving when there is one dose (2.5 ml) of Gynomunal in
    the applicator (about half full).
  4. Unscrew the applicator from the tube.
  5. Find a private and comfortable position to apply Gynomunal, for example, sitting,squatting or lying on your back, and insert the open end of the applicator into yourvagina as far as you can do comfortably and while ensuring you can hold the other
    end securely. You may find it more comfortable to rub a little Gynomunal gel around the outside of the tip of the applicator to facilitate the insertion.
  6. Hold the applicator in one hand and use your other hand to press lightly on thepiston to apply the complete dose of Gynomunal gel into your vagina.
  7. Remove the applicator from your vagina.

Clean the applicator as follows:

  1. Remove the piston by pushing the narrow end of the piston into the applicator body and then removing the piston from the other end.
  2. Rinse the piston and applicator body in clean lukewarm water. Allow to dry.
  3. Ensure you press the piston back into place, as far as it will go, after drying. Store the applicator in the box.

Each 15 ml tube of Gynomunal comes with one applicator. Each 50 ml tube of Gynomunal comes with 5 applicators.

Customer Reviews

  1. Instant relief

    IsabelTuesday, 29 January 2019

    Very good product. You will be getting result in one week.