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Hand and Forearm Exerciser

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"I used hand exercise after my surgery to recover my gripping strentgh. It was very effective." 

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About Hand and Forearm Exerciser

It's possible that you might lose some gripping strength due to your cancer or your treatment. An important part of your recovery is to do exercises to help get this strength back. 

The Neo G Hand Rehabilitation (Fist Shaped) is a contoured device with indentations for placement of the fingers. It can be used to increase function, grip and mobility of the hand and wrist. Regular use can help strengthen hand and finger muscles, particularly the flexors and extensors. The device can be used post operatively to help strengthen muscles, improve range of movement and flexibility in the hand and forearm.

Customer Reviews

  1. amazing

    MaisieThursday, 08 October 2015

    My grandad had a stroke and lost alot of his muscle strength. This product has helped him towards recovery. 100% recommend this to anyone

  2. Does what it says on the box

    Ms JoGWednesday, 07 October 2015

    It's very early days in my rehab but the product appears well made and easy to use and adapt to your own needs. Comfortable enough to keep hold of even when your grip isn't great post surgery.

  3. Good Hand Rehab

    Vasilis KogiannisTuesday, 06 October 2015

    The hand has a good grip because of it's shape. It's resistance varies, as you can squeeze softly or hard enough to "crush" it. It's NOT a hand gripper(although, for weaker people, it could play this role well); it's designed for rehabilitation and general hand health, so don't expect big resistance(like the CoC series of grippers), and that's actually good because you can play with it for really high reps that are ideal for hand health.